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Department of Political Science

PAC Requirements (15 Credit Hours)

Students are required to take a total of 15 hours of course work.  Twelve of these hours are core courses involving materials which any administrator must master.  The remaining 3 hours are electives which allow students to explore more deeply administrative issues of particular concern.

A list of the qualifications for admission into the public administration graduate certificate program can be found on the K-State Global Campus website.

CORE COURSES (12 Credit Hours)

The core curriculum involves courses which focus upon subject matter that any administrator needs to master and use. Students are required to take POLSC 708, POLSC 735 and POLSC 737.  Students may choose either POLSC 700 or POLSC 710 as their fourth core course.  Whichever of the two is not chosen may be taken as an elective.

POLSC 700Research Methods in Political Science
POLSC 708Public Personnel Administration             
POLSC 735Public Organization Theory                    
POLSC 710Policy Analysis and Evaluation               
POLSC 737Public Budgeting                                   


Students should choose one of the elective courses below. Note that some of these courses are only available on campus, while others are offered online.

POLSC 607Administrative LawOnline
POLSC 700Research Methods in Political ScienceOnline
POLSC 710Policy Analysis and EvaluationOnline
POLSC 740Nonprofit Financial ManagementOnline
POLSC 812Fundamentals of Security StudiesOnline
POLSC 618Urban PoliticsOn Campus
POLSC 620State and Local GovernmentOn Campus
POLSC 628       Civic EngagementOn Campus
POLSC 711Administrative EthicsOn Campus 
POLSC 739Intergovernmental RelationsOn Campus 
POLSC 785Readings in Political ScienceOn Campus
POLSC 799Pro-Seminar: Executive Leadership ProblemsOn Campus