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Department of Political Science

MPA Core Courses


The core curriculum is composed of eight required courses which focus upon subject matter that any administrator needs to master and use. Students are advised to take all core courses except POLSC 831 early in their degree programs. Please note that each of these courses is only offered once per academic year. 


POLSC 700Research Methods in Political ScienceFall Semester
POLSC 702Public Administration and SocietyFall Semester
POLSC 708Public Personnel Administration              Fall Semester
POLSC 738Public Finance                    Fall Semester
POLSC 710Policy Analysis and Evaluation                Spring Semester
POLSC 735Public Organization TheorySpring Semester
POLSC 737Public Budgeting                                    Spring Semester
POLSC 831 Capstone Seminar in Public Administration Spring Semester


MPA Core Course Descriptions