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Department of Political Science

Concurrent Bachelor/
Master of Public Administration

We are pleased to announce the new B.A.-B.S./MPA concurrent degree program! The Bachelor of Arts/Science in Political Science and Master of Public Administration allows students to maximize their potential while reducing their time in a classroom. Earning a concurrent degree takes approximately five-and-a-half years - much less time than the typical six years required to complete both an undergraduate degree and a master's degree. A Master of Public Administration trains students for a wide variety of careers in public sector and non-profit organizations. It is possible to complete the program in 10 semesters with careful academic advising.


The program requires 160 credit hours, 40 of which must be graduate hours. The bachelor's degree may be awarded at any time upon completion of undergraduate degree requirements, or concurrently with the Master of Public Administration degree.

If a student enters the program but chooses not to finish the master's degree, completed graduate credit hours will be changed to reflect undergraduate credit. The student will receive a bachelor's degree once all other requirements are met.