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Department of Political Science

Internship (1 Credit Hour)


Pre-Service students are required to complete an internship (POLSC 897). This entails serving in a full-time administrative position for a period of at least 10 weeks (400 hours) in the public sector, or in a not-for-profit agency. Internship positions are coordinated by the Director of Graduate Studies. All internships are competitive in nature and are available on a regular basis with state, county, and local governments. A student's progress in the internship is monitored by the student's immediate supervisor and by the Director of Graduate Studies. In addition to performance evaluations, satisfactory completion of the internship involves an internship paper which is prepared and submitted for examination to the Student's Graduate Advisory Committee.

Internship Guidelines -- Student

Internship Guidelines -- Agency

Intern Skills and Knowledge

Internship Responsibilities

Internship Evaluation Form -- Intern

Internship Evaluation Form -- Supervisor


In-service students with significant employment experience may have the internship requirement waived. Students who wish an internship waiver should request the Director of Graduate Studies in writing. Enrollment in POLSC 897 and a completed report are still required, however.