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Department of Political Science

The department of political science is built around sixteen faculty dedicated to scholarship and student learning. The faculty members publish in top journals in the discipline of political science, serve on editorial boards for journals, and have secured grants with the department of defense.  In addition to being highly productive scholars, the faculty are award-winning professors that make politics come to life. Faculty have won eight major university teaching awards in the last five years. The department also includes an advisor recognized as outstanding in her service to students as they pursue their academic, professional, and personal goals.

Whether students seek to enter the work force or pursue graduate studies, the need to understand and navigate political processes and interact with the government are essential skills.  Courses in political science are designed to help students become informed citizens while honing their critical thinking, research design, writing, and team-building skills.

Earn a degree in Political Science at K-State



The political science undergraduate program prepares graduates to be competitive in the job market or higher education programs. Students pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree, which can fit nicely with various dual majors, secondary majors, and minors.

B.A./B.S. in Political Science

Concurrent Degrees

The political science department offers two concurrent degrees: a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree and a Master of Public Administration or a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree and a Master in Security Studies.  Both concurrent degrees plans allow students to save both time and tuition funds.  Students are encouraged to apply after completing 75 credits of their undergraduate degree.

Concurrent B.A. / B.S. and M.A. in Public Administration

Concurrent B.A. / B.S. and M.A. in Security Studies


Minors & Secondary Majors

The department offers a minor in Political Science, now at only 18 hours to complete. There are also many secondary majors, minors, and other specialized curricula that are available to students that work concurrently with the Political Science major, including but not limited to:

Pre-LawMiddle East Studies
International and Area StudiesGender, Woman and Sexuality Studies
Primary Texts CertificateAmerican Ethnic Studies



The political science department offers the following graduate degree programs that serve students seeking to specialize in public administration and security studies. These degrees are designed to support pre-career and mid-career students in reaching their professional goals.

Master of Public Administration

Public Administration Certificate

Master of Security Studies

Doctorate of Security Studies


Student Organizations

Political science students are encouraged to engage with student organizations and honor societies associated with the discipline. To find more information about these organizations, click here.


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Dr. Nathaniel Birkhead

Department Head


Dr. John Fliter

   Director of Undergraduate Studies


Dr. Brianne Heidbreder 

Director of Graduate Studies  


Dr. Michael Flynn 

Director of Security Studies




Did you know that according to GraduatePrograms.com, the Political Science graduate programs are ranked #1 in the nation for career support! Kudos to our Political Science Faculty! 


Kudos to our Political Science Faculty! In the Graduate Programs rankings (graduateprograms.com), the KSU Political Science graduate programs have moved up to #13 in the country for "Best Political Science Schools."

top rank