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Department of Political Science

Joseph K. Unekis

Ph.D. Political Science, Indiana University, 1977
American Politics, Congress, Political Parties and Elections, Presidency

Dr. Unekis is an Emeritus Associate Professor of political science at Kansas State University. He has published in the Journal of PoliticsLegislative Studies QuarterlyCongress and the PresidencyCongressional Studies, and PS: Political Science and Politics. He is co-author ofCongressional Committee Politics: Continuity and Change with Leroy.N. Rieselbach (Praeger, 1984) and a U.S. Politics textbook, People, Problems and Power: A Concise Introduction to American Politics(Thompson Custom Publishing, 2006). He has also published in Working Papers on Comparative Legislative Studies II: The Changing Roles of Parliamentary Committees, and Working Papers in Comparative Legislative Studies III: The New Democratic Parliaments-The First Years, edited by Lawrence D. Longley and Attila Agh. Appleton WI: Research Committee of Legislative Specialists, (1997). He is co-author with Margery M. Abrosius of a book chapter in Government at Work: Issue Evolution, Passage, Implementation, and Feedback, edited by Sunil Ahuja and Robert Dewhirst. His co-authored article "Congressional Committee Leadership 1971-1978'" with Leroy N. Rieselbach was reprinted in Robert L. Peabody and Nelson W. Polsby (eds.), New Perspectives on the House of Representatives (4th ed.), 1992. He has also contributed "Congressional Committee Hearings" for The Encyclopedia of the United States Congress, and revised "United States of America" for the Russian language edition of Colliers Encyclopedia.

Dr. Unekis is currently working on a manuscript focusing on the Electoral College.

He taught US Politics (POLSC 325), Legislative Process (POLSC 611), American Presidency (POLSC 605), Parties and Elections (POLSC 603), and the American Graduate Seminar (POLSC 805).