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Department of Political Science

Craig Stapley

Craig StapleyPh.D. Political Science, Oklahoma University, 2004
International Relations, International Conflict, Foreign Policy

Dr. Stapley is the Director of the Security Studies graduate program at Kansas State University.  He is also an Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department.  His scholarship has appeared in such peer reviewed journals as Contemporary Security Policy(2006)He has also contributed to the edited volumes The Handbook of Security (2006), Terrorism’s Unanswered Questions (2008) and Encyclopedia of International Security Studies (forthcoming 2009).  Dr. Stapley also conducted research by means of an Academic Fellowship to study terrorism in Israel during the Summer of 2006.  He is a research associate at the Consortium for Small Arms Research and an editorial board member for the peer reviewed journalGlobal Security Studies

Dr. Stapley teaches the following courses: Terrorism and Transnational Security, Methods for Political Science, American Foreign Policy, International Organizations, Foundations in Security Studies, International Defense Policy, Introduction to Comparative Politics and Comparative Politics of East Asia and the Pacific Rim.