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Department of Political Science

Linda K. Richter

Ph.D. Political Science, University of Kansas
Public Policy on Tourism, Gender, Agrarian Reform; Public Administration; Public Policy in the Philippines, Pakistan and India

      Dr. Richter is Professor Emeritus of political science. She is the author of Land Reform and Tourism Development: Policy-Making in the Philippines, researched while on a Fulbright scholarship. The Politics of Tourism in Asia was written while on an Alumni in Residence Fellowship at the East-West Center in Hawaii. She also co-authored the book, Tourism Environment. Dr. Richter has written more than 100 articles, book chapters, and monographs. Her research has appeared in books and such American journals as The Public Administration Review, Public Personnel Management, The Journal of Developing Areas, Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Travel and Tourism, Filipinas, Crossroads as well as journals in the U.K., Singapore, Italy, the Philippines, Australia, Thailand, India and Pakistan.

      She has also lectured in 18 countries and is an adjunct professor in the University of the Ballearic Islands Ph.D tourism program and has been a Visiting Professor at the University of the Philippines, as well as a lecturer for the United states Information Agency.

      Richter has been an Associate Editor of Annals of Tourism Research, an associate editor of the Encyclopedia of Tourism and is a member of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism. She has held offices in the American Society for Public Administration, the American Political Science Association, and the Association of Asian Studies.

      Dr. Richter was appointed by President Bush to be the education representative to the National Travel and Tourism Advisory Board from 1990-1994. She also twice testified before Congress on Philippine aid and testified before the Kansas Legislature on recycling policy. She has been on the advisory committee of the Majority Leader of the Kansas Senate.