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Department of Political Science

Jeffrey Pickering

Jeffrey PickeringPh.D. Political Science, Indiana University, 1995
International Relations, International Conflict, Foreign Policy

International Military Intervention Data

Dr. Pickering is professor and Department Head of political science at Kansas State University. He has published articles in outlets such as the American Journal of Political Science, the British Journal of Political ScienceInternational Studies QuarterlyPolitical Research Quarterly, the Journal of Peace Research, and International Interactions. He has also published a book entitled Britain’s Withdrawal from East of Suez: The Politics of Retrenchment with Macmillan press in Britain and St. Martin’s press in the US. 

He currently serves on the editorial boards of two International Studies Association journals, Foreign Policy Analysis and International Studies Perspectives.  He is associate editor of the International Journal of Peace Studies and served a term as a co-editor of Foreign Policy Analysis.  His PhD dissertation won the Samuel H. Beer Award.

Dr. Pickering’s current research focuses on global patterns of foreign military intervention. In particular, he is examining whether national decision-makers use military intervention as a form of diversionary force and the impact that western military intervention has on economic growth, the quality of life, and the process of democratization in developing states.

He teaches undergraduate courses on world politics and international conflict as well graduate seminars on international relations, international security, and research methods.