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Department of Political Science

Aruna Michie

Ph.D. Political Science, Michigan State University

Dr. Michie is an Emeritus Associate Professor of Political Science. She received A.B. Cum laude, Smith College, Department of Government, a M.A. Michigan State University, Department of Political Science, and a Ph.D. Michigan State University, Department of Political Science. She has been at K-State since 1976 teaching in the Department of Political Science. She also was an Associate Director, American Peace Corps in Northern India.

Policy Analysis and Evaluation: policy analysis and evaluation methods.Public Policy: environmental, agricultural and rural development policy; secondary emphasis on social policy. Comparative Politics and Administration: South Asian politics, some experience with Europe, Africa and Latin America; development policy and administration Secondary areas of training: development economics and macroeconomics Additionally, have taught introductory courses in political science, comparative politics, international relations and public policy and administration. Tools available: policy analysis and evaluation (usual methods), survey research.

Languages: Hindi (fluent), French (moderately fluent), Urdu (speak fluently), Russian (very basic)