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Department of Political Science

Carla Martinez Machain

Carla Martinez MachainCarla Martinez Machain is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Kansas State University.  She received her Ph.D. in Political Science from Rice University in May 2012.  She also received her B.A. from Rice University, in Economics and Political Science in 2007. 

Martinez Machain’s research focuses on explaining conflict outcomes and duration.  In particular she has been engaged in work on the classification of aerial strategies and the effect that these strategies may have on the duration and outcome of military campaigns.  She has also done work on the effects of US troop deployments abroad on host states’ foreign policy and on the deterrence of internal rebellion.  Her work has appeared in Foreign Policy Analysisand Armed Forces and Society

Her teaching interests include courses in foreign policy, international relations and security studies.  This year she is teaching POLSC 543 (American Foreign Policy) and POLSC 814 (Terrorism and Transnational Security).