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Department of Political Science

Jim Franke

Ph.D. Political Science, Northern Illinois University

Jim Franke

Dr. Jim Franke is Associate Professor of Political Science at Kansas State University. He also serves as Director of Graduate Studies. He received an MA [1976] and a Ph.D. [1979] in political science from Northern Illinois University.

Dr. Franke's recent research focuses upon issues in American political thought. Recent publications include:

Thomas Vontz, Jim Franke, "Building Bridges in Social Studies Education." Journal of Educational Research, March 2007.

Jim Franke and Laurie M. Johnson, "The American Founding, American Government Textbooks, and Civic Education." Journal of Political Science Education, 1:249-271, 2005.

Laurie M. Johnson Bagby and James Franke, "Escape From Politics: Philosophic Foundations of Public Administration." Management Decision, Vol. 39, No. 8, 2001.

He teaches courses in research methodology, American National Politics, and American Political Thought. He is a two time winner of the William L. Stamey Excellence in Teaching Award.