K-State Alerts Terms of Service

Last updated August 1, 2009

Kansas State University (K-State) provides K-State Alerts for use by all current faculty, staff, and students subject to the following Terms of Service. In addition, when subscribing to this specific service, you and Kansas State University will be subject to any guidelines or rules applicable to this service. K-State may communicate to you or post from time to time at the K-State Alerts website (www.k-state.edu/police/alerts) these guidelines or rules and these shall be deemed part of the Terms of Service.

A text message using Short Messaging Service (SMS) or an automated phone call are two of several ways the university can contact you in the event of an emergency. Anyone with an eID account who is authorized for the K-State e-mail system is eligible for these optional alert notification methods. If you choose to enable this service, you must do so through K-State's eProfile system and Rave Wireless. It is your responsibility to maintain your K-State Alerts contact information and to ensure that it is current at all times.

In the event of an emergency, the K-State Emergency Preparedness Officer or designee may choose to use the K-State Alerts to notify you. K-State reserves the right to determine when and if the K-State Alerts service is invoked and the content of the messages.

Since both text messages and automated phone calls and are one-way communication, it is your responsibility to ensure that you receive the test alerts and seek assistance from the IT Help Desk if you do not receive the test alerts or if you experience any other problems.

K-State Alerts is tested twice each year on specified days. Tests ensure that the central K-State Alerts service is functioning as it should. If you sign up to receive text messages, you will also receive a confirmation text message when you add a phone number, as well as when you remove a phone number that it designated to receive text messages.

By nature, text messages are not necessarily reliable. Many factors, such as range of service and system load can impact your ability to receive these messages. K-State makes no guarantee that you will receive text messages or that they will be received in a timely fashion.

K-State will only use your emergency contact information in the event of an emergency and will not share this information with third parties for other purposes.

By authorizing K-State to send you emergency alerts using Rave Wireless, you are acknowledging that you are responsible for any messaging charges that you may incur when K-State sends you alerts through K-State Alerts.