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Pilots Program

Pilots Scholarships and Awards

Application deadline: March 9, 2015 by 5:00pm (Late applications will not be accepted.)

A digital copy of the packet was emailed to you by Kara Warren on 1/27/2015. Paper copies available in the Pilots Study lab and in 101 Holton Hall.

Download and print the 2015 Pilots Scholarship Application Packet (PDF)

All scholarship recipients will be recognized at the annual Pilots reception on April 22, 2015.

Included in the packet is the Scholarship Information sheet, Application form, Essay instructions, Letter of reference information, and other suggestions. Please view the scholarship packet for detailed information about each award offered. 

  • The Emerging Leader Award
  • The Freshman Excellence Award
  • The Pilots Progress Award
  • The Pilots Choice Award (no application necessary)

Other scholarships and financial assistance are available by completing K-State Scholarship application online.

Pilots Emerging Leaders S14

Spring 2014 Emerging Leader Award Winners (Jessica Sutton, Kyle Elliot, Anallely Dominguez, Alejandra Gonzalez) 

Pilots Scholarship Information Sessions

Join Kara to learn more about applying for Pilots scholarships and how to get started on your essay! 

Thursday, February 19
4:00pm, 111 Leadership Studies

Monday, March 2
4:00pm, 111 Leadership Studies