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GrainMate Moisture Meter

The GrainMate Moisture Meter is an effective, low-cost grain moisture meter which makes it easy to accurately measure the moisture content in grains and animal feed before storage. GrainMate is ideal for measuring the moisture content of several commodities including corn, rice, cowpea, wheat, sorghum and soybean with the capacity to support up to 32 different crops. It has been tested extensively and is comparable in accuracy to much costlier commercial moisture meters. GrainMate is currently being produced and sold by Sesi Technologies, a Ghanaian start-up led by young entrepreneurs, for around $100. The meter is currently targeted predominantly at the meso-level in the agricultural value chain - crop aggregators, food/feed processing companies and medium-scale producers, as well as extension agents.

GrainMate in grain

The meter was originally designed by Dr. Paul Armstrong of the USDA Agricultural Research Service.

Learn more at: sesitechnologies.com.

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