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Department of Philosophy

Welcome to the Department of Philosophy!

What is Philosophy?

All of us make assumptions that profoundly influence how we live--assumptions about what's valuable, what the world is fundamentally like, and what we know. When we do philosophy, we critically examine these assumptions in an attempt to clarify for ourselves what we should believe and why we should believe it. In pursuit of these goals, philosophers cultivate precision of thought, clarity of expression, and sensitivity to multiple perspectives.

We are an undergraduate-focused department with research strengths in philosophy of science, social and political philosophy, decision theory, ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mathematics. We offer several tracks within our philosophy major, as well as a minor. Our curriculum prepares students for a wide variety of careers, including law, medicine, business, education, and ministry. 

Upcoming Speaker:  Jennifer Morton 'The Ethical Costs of Upward Mobility'

We are currently accepting applications for 2 tenure-track positions

Assistant Professor (Moral Philosophy)  Job Req#504659

Assistant Professor (Formal or Empirical Philosophy) Job Req#504661

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Department News

3 Professors are guest speakers on Prof Talk with KSDB-FM. 

Department Events

Rationali-tea: Every Thursday at 4pm throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, the faculty, staff, and students in the Philosophy department meet for tea and cookies in 201 Dickens Hall. (Rationali-tea is cancelled when the department hosts a speaker on a Thursday afternoon.)

Philosophy Club: Follow the Philosophy Club on Twitter!

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Support the Philosophy Department!

The K-State Foundation has two funds that support the philosophy department: the Philosophy Scholarship Fund and the Faculty Development Fund. The first provides scholarships for our majors and the second helps the department bring in speakers and travel to conferences.

Thank you for your support!