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Pavement & Materials Research Program
at Kansas State University

2118 Fiedler Hall, Manhattan, Kansas 66506.

Research Projects
Superpave Training


Fatigue testing of asphalt concrete beams is being conducted in the newly acquired UTM-25 tester at the
Advanced Asphalt Laboratory.  Kansas State University is conducting research on advanced material
characterization for the Superpave mixtures in Kansas.

Test section instrumentation and as-constructed concrete pavement smoothness measurements with a Light-Weight Profiler on I-70 near Topeka, Kansas.  Kansas State University and the Kansas Department of Transportation have been conducting pavement smoothness research since 1992.

Accelerated pavement testing at the Civil Infrastructure System Laboratory of Kansas State University serves the full-scale pavement testing needs of the States of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Twelve different experiments have been conducted since 1996.

Hamburg Wheel Tester is used for rut testing on Superpave mixtures at the Advanced Asphalt Laboratory at Kansas State University.  Tests have been conducted for the Kansas Department of Transportation, Kansas Asphalt Pavement Association and Venture Corporation in Great Bend, Kan.  The equipment has been proven to be effective for identifying Superpave mixtures  susceptible to "stripping" and "rutting" failure. The pictures below show the progressive failure of a Superpave mixture during testing due to loss of fines:


Student Achievement:

1. Ms. Mahmuda Akhter (2001 graduate) won the Outstanding Graduate Student (Master's) Award from the Department of Civil Engineering for Year 2001.

2. Mr. Aneel Gogula placed 2nd in Graduate Student Research Presentation, organized by the Graduate Student Council, in Spring 2002.

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