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Parents and Family Program


This section will help parents and families understand the different resources and offices available to help pay for college. Remember to refer back to the financial well-being and planning resources available for students via Powercat Financial

Student Financial Assistance



Parents and family members,

We are excited to welcome you to the K-State family and recognize the educational investment you are about to embark.  The investment you make today will have a lasting impact on your student’s future.  We realize that funding a college education can be a daunting task, but we have committed individuals ready to assist you with your questions.  You and your student may reach out either by phone, email, or a personal appointment to visit with a financial aid advisor.  Your financial aid advisor is a trusted resource available to help you along the journey each step of the way.

As the weeks quickly go by prior to your student’s arrival, we wanted to provide some helpful hints to ensure a smooth start.  Below are some items you’ll want to make sure your student is doing:

1. Check KSIS and your student’s K-State email account.

If we need any additional information to process your student’s financial aid, we will communicate through these 2 electronic methods. 

In KSIS, your student will see items added to the Task tile with an email sent to your student.  Items commonly needed:

2. Send private scholarship checks as soon as possible.

Private scholarship checks are processed through our office and will be applied directly to your account.  Make sure your student’s name and Wildcat ID are on the check and your student has endorsed the check if necessary.  Sending these checks as soon as possible allows ample time for processing.

3. Federal Work-Study recipients begin to look for campus employment.

A listing of part-time employment opportunities are maintained by the Career Center. 

4. Setup direct deposit.

If your student’s financial aid exceeds their bill, a refund will be generated.  Your student will want to provide bank account information so that the refund may be sent via EFT or direct deposit.  This is the most efficient and secure way to receive your refund. 

5. Setup Designated Access.

Your student designates individuals that can have electronic access to financial information within KSIS (ie. bill, 1098-T, financial aid information).  This important step is necessary should you as a parent need to speak to our office or the University Cashier’s Office. 

If you have additional questions, please contact our office or visit us in-person at the Enrollment Management Central desk located in 119 Anderson Hall. 

We look forward to assisting your student and can’t wait for their arrival!

Wildcats Forever!

Office of Student Financial Assistance

119 Anderson Hall | 919 Mid-Campus Drive North

Manhattan, KS 66506-0107

P: 785-532-6420 | E: finaid@k-state.edu

Cashiers Office

VA Benefits

Parents and family members,

Congratulations on your student joining the K-State Family! The K-State Office of Veterans Affairs is here to answer your student’s and your questions regarding their GI-Bill® educational benefits. Our office is the point of contact for your student when they want to have their enrollment submitted to the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to use their GI-Bill® benefit for their educational expenses.

Using VA educational benefits can be complex and confusing! Here are some helpful tips to make using the GI-Bill® at K-State a smoother process.

1. Apply for GI-Bill® benefits.

Earned or transferred entitlement will not activate until beneficiary formally request with the VA to use their benefit. All VA students must file an application when they first start school before they can receive benefits. Students who have never received VA benefits must file an original application.

To apply, submit application online at VA.gov, or call 1-888-442-4551 to request an application. Be sure to request a beginning date on or before the first day of class to ensure full coverage for the semester.

After you have applied, VA will send your student a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) by email or mail within 45-days. If you have applied, you can get a copy of the COE by logging into VA.gov at Check Your VA Claim or Appeal Status | Veterans Affairs. A copy of your student’s COE must be turned into our office.

2. Apply for the Armed Forces Residency Waiver.

As per the State of Kansas Law and the Choice Act of 2014, qualified service members, veterans, their spouses, and dependents are eligible for in-state tuition rate.

If your student is eligible for this benefit and has been awarded an out of state scholarship it is important that they notify their Financial Aid Advisor as soon as possible.

Note: It is not a requirement to use the VA educational benefit to receive the in-state rate. The in-state rate continues even after the benefit has been exhausted with continuous enrollment.

3. Enroll in classes and complete the Veteran Enrollment Certification Request Form.

Your student must complete and submit the Enrollment Certification Request form to K-State's Office of Veteran Affairs for each semester/class they want to be certified to the VA.

The Veteran Enrollment Request Form must be signed by their academic advisor before it can be processed.

We look forward to addressing questions specific to your needs.

Go Cats!

Office of Veteran Affairs

207 Anderson Hall | 919 Mid-Campus Drive North

Manhattan, KS 66506-1110

P: 785-532-7061 | E: veteran@k-state.edu


Designated Access


Designated Access allows students to grant others permission to access their student records. Students can give parents or others the ability to:

  • Pay bills
  • View tax information
  • View financial aid

How it works

The student gives a designee access to their student records. A designee can be a parent, a spouse, guardian, or anyone. The student can add, change or remove the designee and the designee’s access at any time.

Before starting this process, the student and designee should review this website and talk about each other’s expectations for access.

IMPORTANT: Both the student and designee must actively read and follow the instructions in the emails sent from the IT Help Desk (helpdesk@k-state.edu) to complete the process of giving and receiving designated access.

Overview of the process


Tuition Insurance


We believe it’s important to offer an easy, affordable way to protect the investment your family has made in higher education. That’s why K-State has negotiated with GradGuard™ to provide our families with tuition insurance featuring special plans and rates not available to the general public.  

This coverage expands the scope of our refund policy by ensuring reimbursement for tuition, room and board and other fees for covered withdrawals at any time during the semester. Plans also include GradGuard's Student Life Assistance: a 24-hour emergency hotline that offers students and parents even greater peace of mind.  

Please also remember, your Office of Student Life is also always available to assist when needed.

You can cancel your coverage at any time, and be reimbursed at a pro-rated amount. 

Learn more on their website or call 877-794-6603.