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Parents and Family Program

Community Building

Kansas State University values family. In this section you will find videos and welcome letters which emphasize our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and community building. 

Principles of Community

Kansas State University is a land-grant, public research University committed to teaching and learning, research, and service to the people of Kansas, the nation, and the world. We believe our collective mission is best accomplished when every member of the University community acknowledges and practices the following principles:

We affirm the inherent dignity and value of every person and strive to maintain an atmosphere of justice based on respect for each other.

We affirm the value of human diversity and inclusion for community. We stand united against all forms of discrimination.

We affirm the right of each person to freely express thoughts and opinions in a spirit of civility and decency. We believe that diversity of views enriches our learning environment, and we promote open expression within a climate of courtesy, sensitivity, and mutual respect. For more information, please see the University's Statement on Free Speech and Expression  (Links to an external site.)and the University's Statement on Academic Freedom. (Links to an external site.)

We affirm the value of honesty and integrity, and will act accordingly in all professional endeavors and expect the same from our colleagues.

We acknowledge that we are a part of multiple communities, and we have a responsibility to be engaged in a positive way with our civic partners.

We recognize our individual responsibilities to the University community and to the principles that sustain it. We will each strive to contribute to a positive spirit that affirms learning and growth for all members of the community.

These principles have been endorsed by the following University governance bodies:

  • Student Governing Association
  • Graduate Student Council
  • Graduate Council
  • Faculty Senate
  • University Support Staff Senate
  • President's Cabinet
Gen. Richard B. Myers signature
Richard B. Myers President
Charles Tabor signature                                                                          Charles S. Taber
Provost and Executive Vice President

Division of Multicultural Student Affairs

dmsa heading

Welcome to Orientation, Parents & Guardians,

While K-State continues its limited operations status going into the summer months, please be assured that our Department of Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs (DMSA) remains here to offer support and assistance to our students during the transition to college and beyond, and we encourage you to reach out to us any time.

Our DMSA staff is committed to promoting diversity in every sector of Kansas State University by providing vision and leadership in diversifying all university functions as well as students, faculty, staff and the curriculum.

Your student may have participated in one of our programs for high school students such as College for a Day, Urban Gardening, or one of our Statewide Leadership Conferences. They may also be one of our selected participants of MAPS (Multicultural Academic Program Success) or KOMPASS, designed to accelerate academic success for incoming freshmen, multicultural and first-generation students, and help them become acclimated to campus by connecting them with the appropriate resources and individuals.

We hope that as a new K-Stater, your student will partake in multicultural student life through many opportunities and experiences. The Morris Family Multicultural Student Center offers a 
strong supportive community to multicultural students. It serves to home of our student programs, events and more than 40 multicultural student organizations (MSOs). The department provides leadership in building an inclusive campus climate that fosters mutual understanding among diverse groups.

Your student will change and grow during college. Through intercultural learning and Wildcat Dialogues, they will strengthen awareness of self, awareness of others, and understanding how to respond, behave, and reflect when around people like them or different from them in order to build a more inclusive K-State family.

Our LGBT Resource Center provides support, workshops, scholarships, events, and representation of the LGBTQ campus community to engage in multiple platforms to advance learning around intersectional identities through educational presentations, student support, and 
committee representation.

Our K-State DREAMZone offers support to students that are undocumented, DACA-mented and those with mixed-immigration status families. A list of financial resources, calendar of events and immigration updates among other resources may be found on your website.

Staff members in the Student Access Center are dedicated to providing equal opportunity and access for every student with a disability by working closely with students and faculty members to ensure that individual needs are met. Academic access for students with a disability is top priority!

We look forward to the time when we can see you in the coming fall, or when the time is right for your safety and ours. Stop by our main office in Anderson Hall 224 or contact us at 785-532-
6276, ksudiversity@k-state.edu.  Visit us at https://www.k-state.edu/diversity/ 

Welcome to the K-State Family!


Adrian Rodriguez

Associate Vice President for Student Life

Diversity & Multicultural Student Affairs

Housing & Dining Services


More than 5,000 students call our campus home. With ten residence halls, a large apartment community, one leadership/scholarship house for women and a house for honors students to choose from, we've got your housing needs covered. Our housing preview book (Links to an external site.) provides a comprehensive overview of what we have to offer. Additionally, you can utilize the explore your options worksheet (Links to an external site.) to help you explore our many housing options. All of these housing options are available to new transfer students. Compare and contrast your options with our various resources, including information for residence hall rates (Links to an external site.) and rates for the Jardine Apartments (Links to an external site.). If you are looking for roommates, you can use the RoomSync (Links to an external site.) program to create a profile and search for people also looking for roommates. 


Our award-winning dining program offers a wide range of nutritious foods through a choice of meal plans, as well as 11 retail operations (Links to an external site.) to accommodate residents’ diverse backgrounds and busy lifestyles. A meal plan is required if you live in the residence halls, and you can choose from one of our three options (Links to an external site.). Optional meal plans are available for Jardine residents (Links to an external site.) and off-campus students (Links to an external site.).

What To Do Between Now and Move-In

To help you prepare for move-in, we created a checklist to complete before your arrival.

Department of Housing and Dining Services
104 Pittman Building
1531 Mid Campus Dr. North
Manhattan, KS 66506
888-568-5027 (toll free)
@KStateHDS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat

Student Union


Greetings Wildcat Families,

We are excited that your family has chosen Kansas State University to further your student’s educational experience. At the K-State Student Union, we look forward to fostering an experience that will engage, educate and ultimately empower your student to succeed at K-State and beyond. We strive to create a culture of honor where individuals can embark on a journey of self-discovery and excellence.

Our mission is to serve all, especially students, with facilities that provide services, programs, leadership experiences and educational opportunities, which foster a sense of well-being and belonging in an inclusive community.

The Union enhances students’ academic experience through programming, student employment and volunteering. We are committed to student leadership as an essential factor in determining the success of the out-of-classroom experience. The Union provides multifaceted opportunities for leadership, exploration and community connections. 

As the central hub for your student to obtain the essential resources they need to be successful on campus, the Union houses technology, course materials and food service vendors in one convenient location. I want to be sure your student has the best materials and supplies they need to throughout their academic journey. As a member of the K-State family, your student is eligible for educational discounts and saving opportunities through the Union. Below are a couple of options you may consider when seeking the necessary tools for your student’s academic success.

Cat Tech

Cat Tech, the Union computer store, is a full-service technology store and an Apple authorized educational reseller. Students receive educational discounts on hardware as well as academic software.

K-State Campus Store

As official university bookstore, the K-State Campus Store is the central headquarters for all student course materials and offers a full selection of K-State apparel and gifts.

We look forward to serving your student as they connect with the resources, services and programs available in the Union.



Corey Williamson

Executive Director

K-State Student Union

Center for Student Involvement