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Parents and Family Program

Personal and Career Well-being

While classes and homework will keep students busy, they also have access to a variety of support offices which will aid in their personal, financial, and career well-being. Don't forget to learn more about the Office of Student Life, this office helps students who face unexpected challenges during college.

The Office of Student Life

office of student life

Dear K-State Parents & Families,

The time between the first day of classes and commencement can be a long journey for both parents and families. For some students, it’s a very straightforward and linear path. For other students, the growth and learning during college can be accompanied by bigger challenges which can bring forward questions and concerns for parents and families. We talk with parents and families regularly to listen to their concerns, and help develop a plan to connect students with the resource necessary to handle any challenges which may emerge. The Office of Student Life provides support to students experiencing challenges which may prevent them from being successful in their courses. Many students look to support from OSL if they are experiencing physical or mental health challenges, academic struggles, personal or family emergencies, financial barriers, challenges adjusting to college life, or anything between.

Once we understand the circumstances, we focus heavily on problem solving to explore options, connecting students to resources, and communicating with faculty, if necessary. Students can use staff in OSL to advocate for them in a variety of settings, like to their faculty, deans office, or advocacy support as they navigate a university process. We understand the transition to college can be challenging, and can include difficulties students may or may not have anticipated. Our staff are here to connect with students and help them make the best decisions for themselves. When appropriate, we can incorporate parents and families into these discussions.

If your student tells you they’re having problems, or you suspect your student is experiencing challenges, we can help consult to discuss appropriate resources you can use before you have a conversation with them. You can call us at (785)532-6432 or email us at stulife@ksu.edu to consult about what you have heard from your student, and discuss what resources and options might be important for you to know next time you talk with them. Another option would be to submit a student of concern report to our office. This would prompt our office to reach out to your student to come in for a conversation about support and resources. Please do not hesitate to contact our office to share information, ask questions, or express concern for your student. We want to work together to help your student find success, both in the classroom and in life.


Office of Student Life Staff


Career Center

Career Center Heading

Dear Wildcat Parents and Family Members—

Congratulations on helping your students take their next brave steps on their life journey! With my own daughter in college, I understand the sometimes strange mix of pride, relief, frustration, sadness, joy and more that is associated with raising a child. That rollercoaster rarely ends when they turn 18 but your family has made a good choice in K-State as a next stop. The Career Center team is ready to join your student on that journey. However, be assured that it is still likely your student will turn to you for advice during their ups and downs. We want you to be informed about how the Career Center can provide support, information and resources when those times come. 

The Career Center’s mission is to facilitate the career readiness of all K-State students. Fortunately, 
there are many faculty, staff and programs throughout the university that also contribute to this effort. Specifically through the Career Center, we are focused on the following efforts. We help students—

Explore Majors and Careers by taking career assessments, enrolling in career planning classes, 
viewing curriculum guides and meeting with our peer career specialists.

Develop Their Potential by finding internships, part-time jobs and other opportunities to broaden 
their skills, experience and confidence.

Tell Their Story by learning how to build resumes and preparing for interviews.

Connect with Employers and Opportunities by growing their network and conducting their job search.

Some students will work through this process in a clear linear pathway while others will skip around, 
backwards and forwards as they gain more self-awareness, experience and information. We expect that and will meet your student at whatever point is needed. As your student begins this process, a few of the most frequently asked questions are listed below.

Career Center

The Career Center team is excited to welcome your student to campus! In addition to noting our contact information below, please also consider following @kstatecareer on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter for the latest news and happenings.

Go Cats!


Kerri Day Keller, PhD
Executive Director

            148 Berney Family Welcome Center, 705 N. 17th Street, Manhattan KS 66506 ǀ (785) 532-6506

Powercat Financial

Powercat Heading

Dear K-State Parents & Families:

Powercat Financial is a financial education center where students studying to pursue financial services careers are trained to assist fellow students with their money questions. We help students create personal spending plans or budgets to help them stay on track and to guide them in their financial decisions from creating a plan to pay for college to saving for their future.  Services also help students evaluate their student loans and understand their student loan repayment options and possible loan forgiveness opportunities in conjunction with their future income potential. Research indicates 67.2% of students at K-State feel stressed about personal finances; while 99% of students who met with a Powercat Financial peer financial counselor said it helped them deal more effectively with their financial issues.

We recommend students meet early their first year with Powercat Financial to develop their own personal college financial plan and then review it each semester with their peer financial counselor. Our research has shown the earlier students meet with us the more successful their financial futures can become. View our helpful financial worksheets and resources at www.k-state.edu/powercatfinancial/planning.

Students can request an unlimited number of free financial sessions by visiting http://www.k-state.edu/powercatfinancial/services/.  Parents are welcome to join their student if the student consents. Our office is conveniently located on the third floor of the student Union in room 302 plus we offer online sessions via Zoom. Students and parents can email questions to us at powercatfinancial@k-state.edu or give us a call at (785) 532-2889 between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.  

Free professional financial advice on a variety of important college financial topics is a rare commodity and can benefit any student from beginner to those more experienced with personal financial management. When your student seems stressed or uncertain about any financial decisions or just wants to gain more knowledge about personal financial management, please refer them to Powercat Financial. We’re eager to assist your student with their financial well-being!


Jodi Kaus, JD, CTFA - Director

Cats' Cupboard

Cats' Cupboard: The K-State Food Pantry

Welcome to K-State!  As a member of the K-State family, your student has access to Cats’ Cupboard.  Opened in 2017, Cats’ Cupboard’s mission is to provide direct access to nutritious non-perishable food, hygiene items, and kitchen supplies needed to promote health, success, and well-being.  Our vision is to prevent food insecurity from being a barrier to student success at K-State. 

Cats’ Cupboard is stocked with a variety of non-perishable food, hygiene, and gently used kitchen supplies at no direct cost.  We encourage you to let your K-State student know about this resource.   

Have your student check us out at 009 Fairchild Hall and bring a friend along.  Your student can visit as often as they would like and our open hours can be found on our website. We simply ask that they take what they need, use what they take, and remain mindful that we’re here to serve all Wildcats. 


Cats' Cupboard Phone: 785-532-0366 

email: catscupboard@ksu.edu 


Counseling Services


Dear Wildcat Parents and Families,

At Counseling Services, we applaud you for getting your college students to this stage in their lives.
We, as professionals who specialize in working with college students, are keenly aware of the unique
challenges they, and you, will face. We want you to know that Counseling Services is here to help your

Our mission at Counseling Services is to provide flexible, culturally responsive, solution-focused
mental health care for eligible K-State students. We provide a full array of services, grounded in brief
interventions, to ensure they maintain successful academic progress and personal well-being. All
our therapeutic services are confidential to ensure safety and comfort when seeking help.
All services are available at no additional cost to enrolled students who have paid the Student Services Fee.

Our services include the following

  • Unlimited drop-in workshops focusing on mindfulness skills and general coping skills
  • Crisis interventions for people who are experiencing thoughts of harming themselves or
    others, people who have experienced recent sexual assault, or people exhibiting concerning
  • Unlimited group therapy
  • Individual therapy for up to eight sessions per semester
  • Therapy services provided in Spanis

We also recognize that some students need more support than brief solution-focused services can
offer. We do our best to meet all eligible students' needs and help stabilize and bridge care if we are not
the best option for your student's concerns. It is a collaborative effort , and we do not make that
decision lightly.

Sending a child off to college can be difficult. As such, it is important to strike a balance between staying
connected and progressively giving your student space to experience the K-State community. If you
have concerns about your student, we are happy to provide consultation on how to support them and
good options for additional resources on campus. If you would like someone to reach out to your
student, we encourage you to contact the Office of Student Life (785-532-6432 or stulife@ksu.edu)
as they are the appropriate office for this type of request.

Students can learn more about Counseling Services at k-state.edu/counseling or by contacting our
office (785-532-6927 or counsel@k-state.edu). We also invite you to follow us on Facebook at