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Parents and Family Program


This section provides a glimpse into the programs and support systems in place to help students succeed throughout their academic career. Topics will range from tutoring services to programming specifically designed for first year students. You will also learn how to request permission from your student to access grades and financial materials. 

Student Success Resources


Dear Parents and Families,

Welcome to Kansas State University! Student Success is committed to supporting your students as they navigate from their first semester to graduation. We provide opportunities for academic engagement that support students in making the most of their K-State education and experience.

We want to empower every K-State student to reach their goals and engage in their success. We help students connect with campus resources that complement their learning and academic needs, and encourage them to explore opportunities designed to develop the skills they need to grow, engage, and thrive.

Student Success offers a variety of resources that connect learning beyond the classroom. The following offices and programs are designed to help students enrich their academic experiences, encourage academic engagement, and build community while at Kansas State University.

Enrich the Academic Experience:

Encourage Academic Engagement:

  • Academic Achievement Center: offers academic coaching and tutoring resources to help students engage with their learning and support their academic success.
  • Testing Services: offers proctoring services for high-stakes exams, entrance and professional exams, career licensure exam, and job entrance assessments and certifications.
  • TRIO: Educational Supportive Services: provides a comprehensive support community for students who are first generation, income-limited, and/or have a documented disability.

Build Community:

Curious about how your student will find these opportunities when on campus? Students have access to a Student Success resource in their Canvas account AND access to the Navigate Student app. These are essential and easy tools to find resources and engagement opportunities during their K-State journey.

We look forward to working with your student!



Dr. Jeannie Brown Leonard, Vice Provost for Student Success

Dr. Stephanie J. Bannister, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success

Kansas State University

Student Success | Email | Instagram

K-State First



Dear new Wildcat families and friends,

Welcome! K-State First is excited to help your students get connected to powerful learning opportunities during their first year at Kansas State University! 

K-State First is the University's first-year experience program, our way of helping students establish a great foundation for the rest of their college career. All of our programs are designed around the needs of first-year students. We are dedicated to assisting new students with the transition to university-level learning and college life and committed to creating a rewarding and engaging collegiate experience for every first-year student at Kansas State University. 

Encourage your student to do the following to take advantage of many of the engaging first-year experience opportunities available to them:

  • Enroll in one of our CAT Communities. In our Connecting Across Topics (CAT) Communities, a group of students take three classes to learn together, are taught by an expert faculty member, and a peer mentor helps throughout the semester. There are a variety of options based on your students’ interests, major, or future career plans.
  • Enroll in a First-Year Seminar. This is a chance to take small, exciting classes that are taught in a lively, interactive way. Students can be in one CAT Community and one First-Year Seminar during the fall semester.
  • Sign up for the Guide to Personal Success mentorship program. Your student is matched with a K-State professional or alumni who will share their knowledge of campus resources and provide support and feedback.
  • Read this year’s K-State First Book, The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline. They will be able to pick up their copy on campus in the fall, and there will be a lineup of events, lectures, and activities connected to the novel.

With a strong focus on academic excellence, community, diversity, and the empowerment of students, our programs aim to set students on the path to academic success, degree attainment, as well as satisfaction and achievement in their careers and personal lives.

We look forward to setting your students up for success starting the moment they begin their K-State journey!


K-State First

Kansas State University

K-State First | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube


Staley School of Leadership


Dear Wildcat families,

Congratulations and welcome to K-State!

The Staley School of Leadership Studies is excited to meet your students! 

We practice leadership as an activity, not a position. Your students will have the opportunity to 
practice leadership in classrooms, on campus, and with communities locally and globally. In 
leadership studies, students and faculty come together from all nine K-State colleges, creating 
a diverse space where we have critical conversations about leading change.

Encourage your student to enroll in LEAD 212: Introduction to leadership concepts this year (fall 
or spring) to begin their leadership journey. Your students will learn about themselves through 
coursework and the CliftonStrengths assessment. Through developing their Top 5 Strengths, 
students will be better equipped to work with others, improve their well-being, and stay 

The Staley School also provides numerous opportunities for students to volunteer, serve, and 
get involved. Our student programs help students explore their values and develop their 
leadership through service-learning opportunities in communities at home and across the 

Our faculty and staff always have open doors. We value our students, we know their names, 
and we make sure that we live up to our name of being the ‘living room of campus’ by offering 
spaces that encourage caring about one another. 

We look forward to helping your students achieve their goals and make their time at 
K-State successful, engaged, and unforgettable.

The Staley School of Leadership Studies 
Kansas State University 
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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Designated Access

Designated Access allows students to grant others permission to access their student records. Students can give parents or others the ability to:

  • View and Pay Bills
  • View Tax Information and 1098T forms
  • Sign up for and View Payment Plans
  • View Financial Aid

View additional information, including step-by-step instructions and frequently asked questions, about Designated Access.