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Parents and Family Program

Little Budget Big Bounty

The K-State Parents and Family Program (PFP) and Cats' Cupboard are teaming up with up with Manhattan Big Brothers Big Sisters and Hy-Vee to host the first annual "Little Budget Big Bounty" event. With gift cards donated from Hy-Vee and the PFP, pairs can shop for items on the Cats' Cupboard Wishlist. Bigs and Littles will create a budget, find items, and complete a transaction. All items purchased will be donated to the K-State Cats' Cupboard.


Instructions for Participants

Before you shop!

  • Pick up your Little Budget Big Bounty Packet from Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  • Locate the smaller envelope which contains the HyVee gift card and tax-exempt number.
  • Review the Cats' Cupboard Wishlist- these are items we want you to purchase for your donations.
  • Use the Big and Little Budget Sheet to help your Little make a shopping list and budget. Remember- you do not have to budget for tax. These purchases will be tax free.

Transaction Checklist:

You must complete all steps on this envelope. Check off each step as you go.

  • Please only purchase items from the Cats’ Cupboard Wishlist.
  • You cannot pay tax on this donation. When you check out, you must tell the cashier “This purchase is tax exempt”. 
  • Hy-Vee cashiers will ask for the Tax-Exempt Number located on the gift card envelope. 
  • Grocery receipt will print, and cashier will provide a tax-exempt form. You will sign with your name, and hand it back to HyVee. (This is used to help HyVee keep track of their tax-free transactions). 
  • Place the used gift card and receipt back in the envelope (even if the card is at zero balance). 
  • Text your Match Support Supervisor (MSS) to schedule a time to drop off donations at the Big Brother Big Sister House at 519 Pierre St. 
  • Turn in this envelope with the receipt and leftover gift card (even if the card is at zero balance) at the Big Brothers Big Sisters House. 
  • Sign below

I followed the above eight (8) steps____________________________________________.

If you have a question about the above process, please call or text Hannah at (785)274-9147.

If you take any pictures of your shopping trip, feel free to use the hashtag:#LittleBudgetBigBounty