Biology 625
Supplemental visual material

Distributional maps of various tick species in Kansas
(blue unless noted otherwise)

Amblyomma americanum
(Lone star tick)
Amblyomma maculatum
(Gulf Coast tick)
Dermacentor albipictus
(Winter tick)
Dermacentor parumapertus (blue)
Haemaphysalis leporispaulustris (red)
Dermacentor variabilis
(American dog tick)
Ixodes cookei
Ixodes scapularis
(Black-legged tick)
Ixodes brunneus (purple)
Ixodes kingi (blue)
Ixodes sculptus (yellow)
Ixodes texanus (red)
Ixodes woodi (green)


Originals; maps by S.J. Upton; most data derived from Brillhart, D.B. 1993. Sero-prevalence of Lyme disease antibodies in Peromyscus leucopus, Peromyscus maniculatus and Odocoileus virginianus, and distribution of potential tick vectors, in Kansas. MS thesis, Kansas State University, 88 pp. Some data is unpublished, but also collected by D.B. Brillhart.

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