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Reporting and Analytics

Performance Agreements

The following information is excerpted from the "Performance Agreements Guidelines and Procedures" document on the Kansas Board of Regents' website.

Senate Bill 647 brings "Performance-based Funding" to Kansas public postsecondary education in the form of Performance Agreements. As conceptualized by the Performance Agreements Task Force, the Performance Agreement Project will move forward on two levels simultaneously.

  • The Institutional Level: Each institution will negotiate a Performance Agreement with the Board; the degree of compliance with this agreement will determine the proportion of new funding available to the institution. (See the Funding Statement in Appendix One.)
  • The System Level: The Performance Agreement project will provide a means of monitoring the System of higher education in Kansas; a System report will communicate the "State of the System" to the Kansas Legislature.

KBOR Information on Performance Agreements

Kansas Board of Regent Performance Agreements

The following are PDF files 

2019 Documents

Progress Report

2017 Documents

Agreement for three years (approved by Regents December 2016)

Progress Report (submitted July 2018)

2014 Documents

Agreement for three years (approved by Regents January 2014)

Progress Report (Submitted August 2015)

Progress Report (Submitted July 2016)

Progress Report (Submitted June 2017) 

2013 Documents

Agreement for 2014 (approved by Regents March 2013)

Progress Report (Submitted July 2014)

2010 Documents

Agreement for three years (approved by Regents November 2009)

Revised (approved by Regents November 2009)

Progress Report (submitted March 2011)

Progress Report (submitted March 2012)

Progress Report (submitted March 2013) 

2007 Documents

Agreement for three years (submitted September 2006)

Revised (submitted July 2007)

Progress Report (submitted March 2008)

Progress Report (submitted March 2009)

Progress Report (submitted March 2010)

2006 Documents

Agreement (submitted September 2005)

Progress Report (submitted March 2007)

2005 Documents

Agreement (submitted August 2004)

Progress Report (submitted March 2006)

2004 Documents

Agreement (submitted April 2004)

Progress Report (submitted March 2005)