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Reporting and Analytics

Public Dashboards

K-State public dashboards provide access to interactive reports covering different aspects of student trends and demographics.  These reports enable exploration of data to empower decisions. Data needed for official reporting—surveys, accreditation reports, etc.—should be verified by the Office of Institutional Research before submission. 

Interactive Factbook

Commonly used summary statistics.  

Student Diversity (in Progress)

Student enrollment and degrees broken down by demographic variables. Report is being updated for 2022-23.

First Generation Students

Student enrollment and degrees broken down by first generation student status.

Learning Assessment

Student achievement, survey results, and program improvements.  Prepared by the Office of Assessment.

Post-Graduation Salary and Employment

The Career Center conducts annual surveys to gather employment information on K-State graduates. See post graduation plans of students, what employers hire K-State alumni, and average salaries for each major.

Wildcat Internship Survey

Learn when, where and with whom K-State students are completing credit-bearing and co-curricular internships. Prepared by the Career Center.

Sponsored Research Awards Dashboards

High-level overview of the current fiscal year's sponsored research award activity. Prepared by the Office of the Vice President for Research.

Additional Dashboards

K-State faculty and staff can find additional data via Internal Dashboards

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