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Office of Planning and Analysis

Data Analytics

K-State Student Data Analytics provides access to interactive reports covering different aspects of student demographics, trends, counts, and enrollments.  These reports enable faculty and staff to access and explore data in ways that empower decisions. 

Data needed for external reporting—surveys, accreditation reports, etc.—should be verified by the Office of Planning and Analysis before submission. 

Internal reports are limited to faculty and staff at Dean and Department level.  Request access by emailing pa@ksu.edu

Reports are made available via Power BI, a Microsoft data visualization tool. 

Report errors, make suggestions, or send additional inquiries to pa@ksu.edu.  

Public Reports

Department Profile Dashboard

Department Profile

Key student and faculty metrics used in program review.

Student Diversity Dashboard

Student Diversity

Student enrollment and degrees broken down by demographic variables.

First Gen Dashboard

First Generation Students

Undergraduate enrollment and degrees earned by First-Generation students.

Learning Assessment Dashboard
Learning Assessment

Student achievement, survey results, and program improvements.  Prepared by the Office of Assessment.




Internal Reports 

Internal reports are limited to designated internal users.  Need access? Email pa@ksu.edu.   

See the instructions for details on how to view and navigate Power BI reports.  

Headcounts Sample

Headcounts, Degrees, Retention & Graduation

Student counts, degrees, and retention and graduation trends.

Student Flow Sankey Example

Student Flows Sankey

Movement between majors at 1, 4, and 6 years as a Sankey visualization.

Grade Distribution Example

Grade Distributions

Distributions, DFW rates, drop rates, and related grades between courses.

 Capacities Example

Course Capacities and Waitlists

Daily update of current enrollments and waitlists by class.

Enrollments Example

Enrollments by Course and Major

Courses taken by certain majors and major breakdowns for course enrollments.

Student Flow Table Example

Student Flow Tables

Drop rates and movement between colleges and majors for entering student cohorts.

Demographic Profile Image

Demographic Profile

Student headcounts by demographic variables.  Also includes maps.