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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

ORSP New Faculty and Professionals Orientation Tour

Take a few minutes to review the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs Orientation Tour and see what a large support team you possess here at Kansas State University!

ORSP Mission Statement:

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) at Kansas State University provides the university community with current, accurate information on activities involved in the funding of research and scholarship at Kansas State. ORSP has seven general areas of responsibility:

Provide liaison services with potential funding or regulatory governmental agencies;

Inform faculty of potential opportunities for research and other extramurally-funded projects;

Coordinate proposal preparation, clearance, review, and proposal submission;

Administer internally funded grant programs such as the President's Faculty Development Awards (FDA) and University Small Research Grants (USRG) programs;

Interpret governmental rules and regulations concerning grants, contracts, cooperative agreements;

Provide research compliance information on the campus-wide Institutional Review Board for the protection of human subjects, hazardous and bio-hazardous waste, and animal care issues; provide information on scientific misconduct and responsible conduct of research, and on intellectual property issues, including patent and copyright;

Administer non-financial post-awards, monitor and contact governmental agencies regarding current programs and solicit information about future directions in funded programs; communicate this information to faculty and staff; and stimulate agencies' interest in the University.


About our Offices:

Office of Research & Sponsored Programs


The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is located in 102 Fairchild Hall (see ORSP Staff) for more details or call 785-532-6195 or e-mail orsp@ksu.edu. Here are a few ways these professionals can help you:

discover funding opportunities and investigate proposal prospects;

assist with proposal development

coordinate large collaborative team proposals

organize specialized workshops and seminars to provide information on funding sources, proposal development, and project design;

provide consultation services, primarily on major proposals involving group projects;

Foundation Directory Online provides comprehensive information on private, corporate, and community foundations.

ProQuest Pivot is a web-based discovery and workflow tool that combines a comprehensive source of global funding opportunities with the largest collection of scholar profiles into one. With Pivot, researchers, faculty and research administrators can easily explore new avenues for funding, view funding opportunities uniquely matched to their scholar profile, collaborate with colleagues, and manage the results of the process to build a funding strategy that supports both immediate and long-term funding needs.

Seed Grants - The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs also administers semi-annual competitions for programs to assist faculty members with their research and scholarly pursuits.

  • University Small Research Grants (USRG) are designed as seed grants for faculty members to support research, scholarly activity and other creative efforts. These grants can cover graduate or undergraduate student hourly assistance (but not assistantships), small equipment, supplies, materials, services associated with the activity, computing for data processing, and travel to a site where the activity will occur (not travel to meetings or conferences).
  • Faculty Development Awards (FDA) primarily assist faculty members with travel to participate or present at international meetings and conferences held outside the United States, consultations with program officers at funding agencies, and matching funds on certain fellowships.



 PreAward Services

Preaward Services has the legal responsibility to review ALL proposals prepared for submission to ensure compliance with the sponsor's programmatic guidelines, with state and federal regulations, and with University policy and commitments. This office has been delegated signatory authority of the University which is required for a proposal to be submitted to a sponsor. Some services include:

Completion of application certifications and assurances; interpret sponsor guidelines; review of and comments on Requests for Proposals (RFP), Requests for Quotations (RFQ) and Request for Applications (RFA) or any other extramural funding opportunity;

Budget consultation and preparations;

Information gathering/problem solving with other campus units (e.g., purchasing, personnel, accounting);

Assistance in obtaining campus approvals;

Mediation and negotiation with sponsoring contract offices; and

Reproduction and shipment of proposals.

Get to know these folks! They're a part of your team and ready to assist you with submission prep work including review of your proposal to make sure all agency guidelines are met. These competent professionals will notify you if any modifications need to be made to comply with policies and even assist you with the final assembly if needed to get the proposal in on time and much more!

Review the Preaward Services (PAS) Staff List to determine which Grants & Contracts Administrator (GCA) handles your academic area. PreAward Services is located in the basement of Fairchild Hall (002), and their main phone number is 785-532-6804.

Note: PAS is the principal agent in negotiations between the University and all funding agencies for University projects regardless of funding source and is responsible for securing campus approval signatures before proposals can be submitted. Please present proposals in a timely fashion so that this process can be accomplished.


 University Research Compliance Office

The University Research Compliance Office (URCO) assists faculty members with issues concerning:

  • animal care and use (IACUC);

  • human subjects research (IRB); and

  • use of rDNA molecules and infectious agents (IBC).

University activities that involve research on or with human subjects, require care/use of laboratory animals, or propose to use recombinant DNA or bio-hazardous materials, MUST comply with all applicable federal, state, and local rules, regulations, and guidelines.

University-wide KSU compliance committees provide regulatory oversight and guidance in these critical areas. Individuals planning efforts in any of these areas MUST obtain formal approval from the appropriate compliance committee before beginning a project.

The University Research Compliance Office is located in Fairchild Hall (203). Their office number is 785-532-3224.