Images of Rat Dissection

rat_brain_dorsal.jpg (39232 bytes)

Brain (dorsal view)

Male urogenital system (ventral)

rat_male_urogenital1.jpg (55909 bytes)
rat_thoracic_cavity.jpg (58982 bytes)

Thoracic cavity (ventral)

Female reproductive system (ventral)

rat_female_reproductive.jpg (47734 bytes)
rat_ lower_abdominal.jpg (50268 bytes)

Abdominal cavity, with digestive tract highlighted (ventral)

Female reproductive system (ventral)

rat_female_urogenital.jpg (44144 bytes)
rat_abdominal_wcirculatory.jpg (54026 bytes)

Lower abdominal cavity, with prominent veins and arteries (ventral)



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Images of Cat Skeleton

cat_skeleton_fullimage.jpg (82508 bytes)

Lateral view of cat skeleton, with close-ups of major regions

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