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Develop / Host a Special Program


The Special Programs and Sponsored Students (SPSS) Office assists KSU departments and external entities develop special, short-term, and non-credit programs.

Programs may include:

ELP Institute – one to six weeks in length

Department or Program visit(s) – days to weeks in length

Sponsored short term program – weeks to several semesters in length


A special program may include components of English Language, academic study or departmental interactions, research collaboration, and cultural experiences.

SPSS will provide guidance, cost projections, suggestions for cultural activities, and assistance in drafting a proposal.

The Special Program Consideration worksheet lists the many options and details that must be considered when requesting a special program. We will provide assistance in selecting options, making program decisions, and communicating with the participant entity.


To initiate dialogue, contact:
Wendy Matthews
Assistant Director
Special Programs / Sponsored Students
(785) 532-7229