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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: posted October 18, 2013


PR Students Help Support Office of International Programs

Dr. Barb DeSanto’s PR writing class teams up with Office of International Programs to help promote international initiatives

Written by MC280 student Jenny Jirovec 

The Office of International Programs and the MC 280 class have joined in a collective effort to apply the academic abilities of the public relations students to real world scenarios, while promoting the initiatives of the OIP. The Office of International Programs was established in 1991 to strengthen communication and collaboration among K-State's many international programs, to achieve identified strategic planning goals for the university's further internationalization, and to provide a focal point for external international contacts and agreements. K-State is currently engaged in over 50 exchange programs with foreign institutions around the globe.

"The Office of International Programs has given the public relations writing class an incredible opportunity to practice what they are learning,” said Dr. Barb DeSanto, professor at the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications,“Students gained the experience of writing for a real-world client and have been rewarded with seeing their work adopted and put to good use by the office.”

MC 280 examines various forms of contemporary public relations writing, with special emphasis on preparation of messages for different media and audiences.

“This is the most valuable type of learning because it combines knowledge with application,” said DeSanto. “It also shows the beauty of collaboration; my students are so thrilled to realize that their work is valuable, and they also have a new appreciation for the work that OIP does to advance the K-State learning experience.”

Through this partnership effort, OIP hopes to see an increased awareness of the mission of elevating international awareness across campus and an increased interest by more students in a study abroad experience.

“We were excited to receive such quality assignments from the students, and they provided us with suggestions and solutions that we will be able to immediately apply,” said Mary Pyle, Assistant to the International Programs Provost and Program Coordinator, “having OIP serve as a client to the MC 280 class allows students practical assignments.” Today’s employers are seeking out culturally diverse and experienced students who can bring global experiences into the workplace.

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Afghanistan students gain from K-State education

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Posted October 29, 2013

Written by Journalism students Dani Golway and Beth Cornwell

Mustafa Zewary  from Afghanistan, graduated from K-State in 2011 with a master’s degree in Modern Languages.He returned to the Manhattan campus in mid October to visit faculty and instructors to renew relationships. He attended Dr. Barb DeSanto's class to meet with the writing students and share his experiences.

Opportunities abroad offers Kansas State University students unique perspectives on education. The contract between K-State and Balkh University, located in Mazar-e-sharif, Afghanistan, ended in 2011. This partnership benefited many students and faculty with exchange programs and research projects.

K-State hosted 11 students from Balkh University in 2009. Mustafa Zewary, one of the 2009 Balkh students, graduated from K-State in 2011 with a master’s degree in Modern Languages with an emphasis in pedagogy, the study of teaching. Zewary, now a professor at Balkh University, took strategies from his time at K-State to further the education of his students in Afghanistan.

“In our education system we grow up to memorize books,” Zewary said.

Zewary now teaches his students the importance of academic honesty and critical thinking. His studies in pedagogy at K-State allow him to bring a new style of instruction to Balkh.

“If they want to know something now, they have to ask questions,” Zewary said.

After revisiting K-State in October, Zewary wants to recreate and further the relationship between Balkh and K-State. The contract will allow students from both universities to further their education and cultural experience. Zewary plans to apply for a grant to continue the connection with KSU that gave him so much success.

“I am really looking forward to this partnership, and I hope I can get this done,” Zewary said.