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Experimental Short-Term Co-Teaching International Incentive Grant Program

Goal of this proposed program: With an experimental co-teaching incentive grant program, the Office of International Programs aims to identify K-State faculty who have interest in partnering with international colleagues in co-teaching (parts of) courses for undergraduate and graduate students.

The program will target countries and institutions in which:

  • K-State has established productive partnerships
  • High quality teaching experiences for K-State students can be provided K-State faculty
  • Scholarship/research collaborations are strengthened

 Language of instruction for the short term co-teaching will be English unless the K- State course itself is taught in a foreign language

This program will support short-term (2 to 3 weeks) co-teaching experiences with partner institutions in which a segment of a syllabus will be shared at a distance by technological means. Applications will be favorably reviewed (but not limited to) activities where the international learning environment can be achieved using teleconferencing, discussion boards and other technological methods.

Impacts of Proposed Program

The proposed project will contribute to our existing scholarships by:

  • Providing a viable alternative for students who want to engage in international learning without studying abroad
  • Enabling faculty members to collaborate with international colleagues enhancing our international visibility in line with Vision 2025
  • Expanding K-State programs and offering a new tool for recruiting international students, in particular graduate students
  • Exposing K-State students to potential study abroad opportunities at the partner institutions

This program does not require any modification of syllabus or curriculum. It is not expected that a new course will be created or modified. It is expected that existing course will be utilized and the use of technology will enhance the delivery. The average grant award will be approximately $2,000.


Applicants are expected to seek funding from their departments/units prior to applying, and should describe these efforts in the International Incentive Grant proposal.

Follow instructions as indicated on the International Incentive Grant Proposal Guidelines.