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Incentive Grants

The Office of International Programs is announcing the call for international incentive grant proposals for fall 2015.

The award application deadline is 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015. 

The purpose of the international incentive grants is to promote internationalization of Kansas State University. The total award amount for this round of grant proposals is $35,000 — an increase of $10,000 from past years. 

Said Marcellus Caldas Assistant Provost for International Faculty Collaborations and Educational Programs; “This is a great benefit for faculty to gain additional access to funding for unique study and research learning opportunities that will benefit their students, departments and collaborations.”  

The majority of individual grants given fall between $1,000 to $3,000 — joint proposals may have a higher limit. 

Proposal categories: 
A) International Faculty Collaborations and Partnership Building Incentive Grant 
B) International Global Learning Opportunities Grant 
C) *Experimental Short Term Co-Teaching International Incentive Grant (Click for more details)

Funding will NOT be approved for: 


Applicants must be employed full-time by the university, but are not required to be tenured faculty members.  Visiting faculty members and students are not eligible for this support.

Applicants who have successfully received an International Incentive Grant may only submit a subsequent grant proposal once in any two year period


Proposals should be submitted to oip@k-state.edu by 5:00 pm

Proposals should not exceed five (5) pages.

All proposals need to be submitted in PDF format to be considered

The following information must be included and clearly identified in your proposal:

1)   Title of proposed project

2)   Full name of applicant

     a)  Email address of applicant

     b)  Position /department at university

3)   Funding requested

4)   Anticipated result or deliverable

5)   Brief Proposal Narrative

    a)   Explain in detail how the proposed activity will promote internationalization of the university

    b)   Estimated timeline

    c)   Anticipated result or deliverable

6)   Describe how any previous successful grants obtained by the applicant have promoted internationalization at KSU or previous institutions

7)   Documentation showing approval of the proposal from the appropriate department head. (This can be in the form of an email or written note from the department head)

8) It is strongly recommended that applicants who have received prior International Incentive Grant funding at KSU clearly identify how their previous grant activities contributed to the internationalization of the institution


1)   It is expected that funding will be sought from the department/college and other sources prior to submitting this proposal.

2)   Identify the source, the funds requested, and the amount funded. 


1)   A complete budget, as described here, must be included with the proposal:

    a)   Travel costs

    b)   Accommodation costs

    c)    Supplies/books/equipment costs

    d)   Miscellaneous (please specify)

    e)   Total Anticipated Budget

    f)    Total dollar amount requested from the International Incentive Grant 


Proposals must be submitted electronically to oip@ksu.edu, along with all supporting documentation noted in the Guidelines, by the deadlines posted above in order to be considered.

Late applications will not be considered. 

Following conclusion of the grant funded event or experience, the successful applicant is required to submit a short written report describing the grant activity and analyzing its success in the eyes of the grantee.  This report should be submitted within four weeks after the conclusion of the funded event.

NOTE: Funding will NOT be approved for research data collection.


If you have additional questions, contact Marcellus Caldas at 785-532-1244 or caldasma@k-state.edu


Previous award winners have the following to say about the success of their opportunities: 

• "The Faculty Incentive Grant that supported our study made our conference presentation, 2014 Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians annual meeting, and publication, Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, possible. This will not only benefit veterinarians and the target species, but it will further demonstrate our expertise in designing and conducting advanced research studies on wildlife and zoological species. Also, collaboration with researchers from other countries contributes to local veterinarians, exchange of knowledge and generates more projects for future work. I would like to thank OIP for this opportunity." — David Eshar, assistant professor of exotic and zoological medicine service in the College of Veterinary Medicine 
• "Thanks to the International Incentive Grant, I traveled to Miami in February to attend the First International Meeting on Foreign Language Learning In Tandem: Past, Present, And Future at the University of Miami. After seven years of collaboration, coordinating a Teletandem, Skype language partners, exchange for our students, I finally met my colleague, Adelia Peña Clavel of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. We co-presented at the conference, Autonomy and Community: Two Perspectives on the UNAM-KSU Skype Partnership, which was well received, and we are thinking about collaborating on another paper in the future. 
Thank you again for this opportunity." — Laura Kanost, associate professor of Spanish in the modern languages department and editor for Studies in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature 

 Previous Recipients:


“I am recently back from my trip to Costa Rica, which was funded by my International Incentive award from last year. The trip was absolutely incredible! Now I need to get started analyzing our samples. One location of our field work was the crater of Poas volcano. I am so grateful for this opportunity!"

Thank you,

Dr. Matthew F. Kirk, Assistant Professor Department of Geology


"I greatly appreciate the interest and support that  the Office of International Programs have shown for our international collaborations in Botswana and South Africa over the past several years.  Support through programs such as the OIP International Incentive Grants, hosting visitors from the University of Botswana, and the KSU delegation that visited Botswana and South Africa in 2012 have been very helpful in strengthening our collaborative partnership with the University of Botswana.  As a result of this growing relationship, we have been able to publish multiple papers in the area of grassland/savanna science and have provided opportunities for several KSU graduate students and dozens of undergraduates to study in Botswana and South Africa.  I will be leading my third study abroad field course to southern Africa this summer.
  I thought you might be interested in one of the many products of my work there, a new book on ecology and conservation in Botswana,  scheduled to be out by the end of December (see attached book cover).
  Thanks again for your continued support of our grassland studies, both here at KSU and abroad."


David Hartnett
University Distinguished Professor
Division of Biology