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International Collaboration Incentive for Publication and Creative Work

The Office of International Programs is excited to remind the K-State University community about the new International Collaboration Incentive that recognizes K-State faculty, instructors and researchers who have collaborated with an international partner for the first time during the 2017 calendar year.

“For this incentive,” said Marcellus Caldas, assistant provost for international faculty collaboration and educational programs "International collaboration is defined in the form of co-publication or joint scholarly activity that is a critical component of the international outlook of an institution.” He continued, “The Office of International Programs wants to recognize the achievements of our K-State University people with a $1,000 incentive to support those K-State faculty, instructors and researchers who are contributing to our international profile as outlined in K-State 2025." The recognition ceremony will occur during the International Education Week in November. 

This incentive was designed by Office of International Programs and the College International Advisory Committee that consists of one representative of each college and major unit on campus. Incentives will be granted to those fitting the following criteria.


1. For specific criteria regarding recognition eligibility: faculty status is as defined in the University Handbook Section C.

2. The nomination is for a faculty that published (or developed a creative work) for the first time in international collaboration, and not for a publication (or creative work) developed for first time with a new international collaborator; 

3. If the publication includes many K-State authors, the recognition goes to the first K-State author that is publishing for the first time in an international collaboration.

4. The contribution had to be published (or developed) between January 1st and Dec. 31, 2017

5. An author's contribution while affiliated to another institution does not fit these recognition criteria

6. The nominee must be an active faculty member at the time of the recognition ceremony to receive this recognition


Proposal guidelines:

1. The relevant department head or unit director nominates the candidate by submitting a letter certifying the accomplishment

2. Only one submission per person allowed

3. Nominations should be submitted to  oip@k-state.edu by 5 p.m., July 31. 


For any questions including submission or eligibility criteria and incentive information, contact Marcellus Caldas at 785-532-1244  or caldasma@k-state.edu.

The incentive recognition will occur during the annual International Education Week.