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Office of International Programs

Outstanding Support for International Initiatives Award

The Outstanding Support for International Initiatives award honors a department, unit or organization within the university that has gone above and beyond to support the Office of International Programs' international initiatives or who serves our global student body in extraordinary ways.

Added in 2013 to honor additional globally engaged areas within the Kansas State community and discerned by the Office of International Programs leadership team the award is announced and presented annually at the International Awards Ceremony during the annual international Education Week.


2020: Housing and Dining Services presented to Derek Jackson, Associate Vice President

"Housing and Dining Services provided housing and dining options for all of the spring 2020 returning education abroad students who needed a place to quarantine or isolate after cutting their education abroad experiences short and returning to the U.S.," said Grant Chapman, associate provost for international programs. "Furthermore, Housing and Dining Services worked hard to provide returning and new international students a place to stay to quarantine or isolate in the beginning of the fall 2020 semester. Housing and Dining Services did all of this while being short-staffed."

"The COVID-19 pandemic pushed K-State units to plan and execute tasks in a very short period of time," said Marcellus Caldas, professor and Office of International Programs assistant provost of international faculty collaboration and educational programs. "Besides accommodating students, Housing and Dining Services took care of the needs of the international students as well in trying their best to provide groceries and meals for students that were quarantined and isolated. Housing and Dining Services really went above and beyond for our students and scholars needing a place to stay." 

2019 The College of Agriculture presented to Ernie Minton, Dean of the College and Director of K-State Research and Extension

K-State Ag has been leading the way in agriculture, food and natural resources since the college opened in 1863. "All the outstanding international work by the college — from the Feed the Future Labs, special programs like the one with ANGRAU India, and the Distinguished Australia Fulbright Chair to the growth in education abroad numbers of students and faculty-led trips especially the past two years — led the Office of International Programs leadership team to nominate and then confirm the College of Agriculture as the 2019 recipient," said Grant Chapman, associate provost Office of International Programs. 

"The College of Agriculture has worked hard to create and provide multiple opportunities for faculty and students in their college to engage in international opportunities as well as successful grant writing that has secured very competitive Feed the Future USAID funding for labs and other prestigious incoming awards," said Marcellus Caldas, professor and Office of International Programs assistant provost of international faculty collaboration and educational programs.

2018 The K-State Staley School of Leadership Studies under the leadership of Director Mary Tolar 

The Staley School has been the recipient of multiple grants inviting international dignitaries, workshops, scholars and faculty as well as hosted multiple workshops to create and elevate international cultural diversity on campus and in classrooms. The Staley School's staff efforts have been recognized regionally and internationally for the many global initiatives that engage the campus community.

Very competitive Mandela fellows and other prestigious delegations have visited campus and reciprocal community partnerships have been created with the DECLIC organization of Ziguinchor and Senegal and International Service Teams. The teams are comprised of outstanding students and faculty dedicated to serving those in need in developing communities travel across the globe.

The Staley School has secured global partnerships and conference alliances that encourage and inspire global thought and dialogue in collaboration with other universities, governments, organizations and business partners.

2017 College of Education under the leadership of Dean Debbie Mercer 

The College of Education has taken on many programming collaborations and has welcomed international dignitaries, scholars, faculty and artists to campus and they have worked diligently to bring global perspectives into our classrooms.

The college has produced international documentaries:

A Walk in My Shoes: International Graduate Students

Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Story

Humanity Looks Good on Everyone

Additional global programs include:

Ecuador – Go Teacher

Study abroad programs to China, Guatemala, Ecuador

COMEXUS: Teachers from Mexico on campus for  summer programs focused on increasing English Language instruction pedagogy skills.

Partnership forming with the Volcanes Education Program in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Faculty-inspired projects with Tanzania and Ethiopia

2016The College of Human Ecology under the leadership of John Buckwalter, Dean of the College and Assistant Dean Shawna Jordan

The College of Human Ecology for prioritizing international engagement as a tenant of experiential learning offered to students in the college. International experiences are part of the college's 2025 strategic plan and every department either has an international experience available to students or is in the midst of developing international travel opportunities.

The college encourages international trips because they are transformational educational experiences for our students. We work with our faculty on international collaboration and partnership opportunities, setting up faculty-led programs, as well as acts as liaison for students in the college looking for international learning experiences.

In the last few years, conflict resolution students trekked Northern Ireland; apparel and textile students traveled to China and Guatemala; early childhood students explored Italy; hospitality students visited Costa Rica; interior design students built relationships with students at a university in South Korea and explored Italy and England; personal financial planning doctoral students visited Belgium, the Netherlands and South Korea; sensory students journeyed to India; and marriage and family therapy students studied in China and Malaysia, among others. 

Human ecology's administration sees inherent value in developing relationships with people in other countries and partners with the Office of International Programs on seminars and the Vernon Larson Lecture Series, and hosts visiting dignitaries and presenters.

2015 K-State Alumni Association presented to Amy Button Renz, President and CEO of the K-State Alumni Association

As the K-State Family continues to expand globally, the Alumni Association staff is committed to offer programs that enrich the international experience for students and serve as a lifelong link to help our nearly 5,000 international alumni and friends stay connected around the world.

Some of the Alumni Association’s international initiatives for 2015:       

20 scholarships for International students  International Student Leadership Awards

 International Family Fun Day 

 Emphasis on international travel and establishing alumni connections throughout the world.

 International Graduation Celebration

2014 Kansas State University College of Architecture Planning and Design (CAPD)

CAPD has provided the Office of International Programs and other departments information, assistance and advice to those planning travel study programs.  CAPD works closely with the Office of Intentional Programs to integrate Study Abroad into their curriculum. CAPD illustrates how they are moving our university towards our 2025 internationalization goals by integrating international in what they do to ensure faculty, staff and students are prepared to live, learn and work in a global environment.

Since 1991, almost 800 AP Design students have studied in Italy and since 1996,  460 students have studied in Australia, the Czech Republic, Germany,Denmark, England, Finland, France, Japan, Scotland, New Zealand, Norway, Greece, South Africa and Ireland.  Another 150 students or so, have traveled abroad as part of a studio, masters project or other courses.  This translates to one sixth of our alumni having participated in study abroad while they were students at K-State.

2013 Kansas State Housing and Dining under the leadership of Director Derek Jackson

Housing and Dining provides great service to our international students and have always been complimented by our staff for their efforts in accommodating our global students whether in short term programs or long term full time students. They partnered with International Students and Scholar Services in establishing the first International Committee of housing and dining staff and students to discuss how best to accommodate international student dietary needs and creating special international menus to service the ever growing numbers of international students.