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Office of International Programs

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Office of International Programs
304 Fairchild Hall
1601 Vattier Street
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506 

785-532-6550 fax

Welcome to Kansas State University Office of International Programs.  

This year we welcomed our largest enrollment ever with 2,247 international students. This is a university record for international students not just in numbers, but also in percentage. K-State's student body is now 9.1 percent international students, which gives our university an essential component to make our students globally competent. Our students come from 103 countries. While international students experience our campus they also provide global perspectives to classroom discussions, expand our research connections, create cultural awareness among our students, and help engage students to experience other countries and cultures.

Our university is striving to become a top 50 public research university by 2025 and a key component to this goal is infusing international in all we do throughout our campus community to better prepare our faculty and students for global engagement.  

Our 2025 Vision (pdf)