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Office of Institutional Equity

Responsible Employees

While the university encourages all campus community members to report incidents of harassment or discrimination, several classifications of employees have been identified as Responsible Employees for Title IX purposes. These employees have authority and responsibility to take action to remedy harassment.

Responsible Employees

The two categories of Responsible Employees are Administrative and Supervisory.


Administrative Responsible Employees are management-level personnel. These individuals typically include department and unit heads, directors, and equal or higher-ranking administrators. Administrative Responsible Employees must report all potential prohibited conduct in any university employment, program or activity, regardless of their lack of personal supervisory responsibilities over the Complainant or Respondent.


Supervisory Responsible Employees are personnel with authority over other employees or students (such as day-to-day management of employee tasks, or hiring and firing responsibility) or with authority over a particular university environment (such as responsibility for a classroom or floor of a residence hall).

Supervisory Responsible Employees are only required to make reports to the Office of Institutional Equity within their area of supervisory responsibility, but they are strongly encouraged to report all potential prohibited conduct of which they might be aware.

For example, if a professor who controls a classroom or lab learns about potential prohibited conduct within the classroom or lab, then the professor must report the conduct to Office of Institutional Equity. Similarly, a Residential Assistant in a dorm must report any potential prohibited conduct in that dorm.

University employees who are unclear about their area of supervisory responsibility should contact their immediate supervisors.

Faculty and staff who wish to report Title IX incidents may do so online or in person to the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinators.