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Recruitment and Admissions

Office of Recruitment and Admissions
Kansas State University
Berney Family Welcome Center
705 N Martin Luther King Jr Drive
Manhattan, KS 66506

785-532-3696 fax

785-532-6393 (fax)



  • Tammy Byland, Executive Director
  • Courtney Hallenbeck, Associate Director, Recruitment Programs
  • Bryon Williams, Assistant Director, College Access and Community Outreach
  • Amy Shank, Assistant Director, International Recruitment and Admissions
  • Holly Gerke, Coordinator, Events
  • Russell Harp, Coordinator, Campus Visits
Administrative assistants
  • Shelley Blau, Office Specialist
Admissions representatives and international recruiter
  • Devin Bratkiv, Admissions Representative
  • Kellsie Corrigan, Admissions Representative
  • Kenedi Kelley, Admissions Representative
  • Logan Gauby, International Recruiter
  • Mandy Marchesini, Admissions Representative
  • Hannah Reynolds, Admissions Representative
  • Paloma Roman, Admissions Representative
  • Kaylee Sundeen, Admissions Representative
  • Mia Taylor, Admissions Representative
  • Samantha Thomas, Admissions Representative
  • Antonio Vega, Admissions Representative
  • Chayce Wynn, Admissions Representative
Student staff

Recruitment and Admissions employs more than 70 students as tour guides, telecounselors, interns, graduate assistants and program support staff.



Molly McGaughey, Director of Admissions

Molly McGaughey

Director of Admissions


Sara Blankley, Associate Director

Sara Blankley

Associate Director of Admissions
KSIS and Data Management


Nick Brown, Assistant Director of Operations

Nicholas Brown

Assistant Director of Operations


Gabrielle Dupree Fogle, Assistant Director-Prospective Student Services

Gabrielle Dupree Fogle

Assistant Director
Prospective Student Services


  • Julie Duncan, Communications/Technology
  • Oscar Gonzales Rosas, Office Specialist II
  • Nicole Hamler, Data Management/Technology
  • Debbie Hedrick, Records/Applications
  • Eric Hoffpauir, Data Management/Technology
  • Becky Marsh, Residency/ELP
  • Holly McHugh, Degree Analyst
  • Naho Nagai, International Admissions Specialist
  • LuAnn Reece, Enrollment Management Assistant
  • Mindy Reed, Communications/Technology
  • Annie Roberts, Admissions Evaluator
  • Heather Simpson, International Admissions Specialist
  • Paula Thomson, Transcripts/DARS
  • Barb Wells, Transcripts/DARS