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Recruitment and Admissions

Office of Recruitment and Admissions
Kansas State University
Berney Family Welcome Center
705 N Martin Luther King Jr Drive
Manhattan, KS 66506

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The Student Learning Outcomes identified for students who work, volunteer and assist with Recruitment and Admissions are as follows:

  1. Students will be able to leverage knowledge, personal experiences, and training to serve constituents effectively.
  2. Students will project and contribute to a sense of community while supporting the missions, goals, and objectives of Recruitment & Admissions.
  3. Students will provide outstanding customer service to constituent groups through excellent written and oral communication.
  4. Students will continuously demonstrate the value of strong academic and leadership performance.

The Student Learning Outcomes are assessed with pre and post-assessment and training evaluations.

  1. Identify self as a K-State Student
  2. Recognize academic support services and resources
  3. Establish a connection with a member of the K-State community
  4. Select an involvement opportunity that aligns with their personal, academic, or career interests

The Student Learning Outcomes are assessed on an annual survey conducted during Freshmen and Transfer orientation and enrollment in June.

Assessment Report 2012-2013


The Student Learning Outcomes identified for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions are as follows:

  • Outcome 1:  Students will engage with the administrative/functional staff of K-State early.
  • Outcome 2:  Students will apply to K-State early.
  • Outcome 3:  Students will complete the tasks necessary to become a student in a timely manner.

These Student Learning Outcomes are assessed through participation in programs and meeting deadlines. Tracking and evaluation is conducted with data maintained in our CRM system.

Contact Molly McGaughey, Director of Admissions, with questions at mollymc@k-state.edu.