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Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services

Welcome to the SPO page. We are here for our parents here at Kansas State University.


UPCOMING: We will not be having our bi-weekly SPO meeting this Friday, 20, November. We will resume our meetings after the holidays on the 4th and 12th of December. Please see our Orgsync page for more details. We will meet the same times between 3:00 PM and 5:00Pm in the Bluemont West room (2nd floor of the student union). There will be refreshments and a presentation by Martisha Rodriguez and Chelsea Villanueva. Children are welcome. Fathers are welcome to participate as well. This organization is a subdivision of NTVSS- Non-Traditional & Veteran Student Services.

Please see our Orgsync Pages:



-Peer Childcare

-Exchange (baby items)

-Possible bowling event (free food, free bowling)

-Building ties with churches

-Get academic advisors to help promote the group


  • PRESIDENT: Trish Rodriguez (mrodriguez@ksu.edu)
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Chelsea Villanueva (cbdouthit@ksu.edu)
  • TREASURER: Joshua Reed (Director NTVSS- jreed2@ksu.edu or 785-532-5324)



Please Note: The Early Childhood Lab at The Stone House Early Childhood Education Center on campus has a few remaining spaces available for children aged 3-5 years. There are morning 8:30-11:30 and afternoon 12:30-3:30 spaces Monday thru Thursday at a price of $52 per week. I thought perhaps you could share this info with adult student parents you serve as childcare is so difficult to find in our community.

*Please call or e-mail Sallie Meyer (Program Director):  785-532-3533 or skmeyer@humec.k-state.edu.