Native American Student Association

What is NASA?
A student organization at Kansas State University for over 25 years

A support system for Native American students

An information resource for those who wish to learn about Native American history and culture

Is open to all individuals of any ethnicity

Just a place to have fun!

Past events:
Attended the Big XII American Indian Leadership Conference

Presented the 1st Annual Flint Hills All Indian Classic Basketball Tournament and Annual Powwow

Cultural presentations at USD 383 elementary schools in Manhattan

Presentation of cultural modules to the Upward Bound Summer Program

For the KSU Native American Heritage Month (April) – have brought in speakers on traditional indigenous culture, contemporary health issues and a Native American dance troupe, etc.

Have been awarded the most outstanding organization for the Dow World Day Festival

Participated in the UPC Festival of Nations during National Native American Heritage Month (November)

Have been awarded the prize for the best display at the Diversity in Action Conference

Aspirations for the future:
Gain new members and encourage more Native American students to share their culture.

Continue to participate in the Big XII Conference, Dow World Day Festival, UPC Festival of Nations, Cultural Presentations and other events done in the past

Bring new and intriguing speakers and presentations for future Native American Heritage Month (April) events

Offer opportunities for individuals to participate in the making of Native American crafts.

Participate in traditional and modern Native American dance.

Continue hosting a powwow as an annual tradition

Help Kansas State University to gain a new understanding of diversity

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