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Music Education

Day 2

Tuesday, June 19

Day Two: Building the Foundation Step-by-Step

Our focus for today will be learning how to build a strong musical foundation through audiation, singing, chanting, playing, and moving!  Using sequential learning, we’ll experience classroom activities that encourage audiation for every age and stage of development. 


         8:30 – Jennifer Bailey, Session 4

         9:45 – Break

       10:00 – Dance-a-Day

                       Fun Dances to do with your classes, led by Staci Payne, Marlatt Elementary

       10:30 – Jennifer Bailey, Session 5

       12:00 – Lunch

         1:30 – Jennifer Bailey, Session 6

         2:45 – Break

         3:00 – Little Kids Rock: Introducing Informal Music Learning in the Elementary Classroom (Bring your Recorder!)

                      Dr. Phillip Payne and Dr. Ruth Gurgel

                      Kansas State University

         4:30 – Elementary Reading Session with accompanist Amanda Arrington

                        Staci Payne, Marlatt Elementary