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Music Education

Day 1

Monday, June 17

Day One: What is Modern Band?

On Day One, we’ll explore and experience the basic tenets of modern band in the classroom, including the incorporation of popular musics and popular music pedagogies.   We will explore approaches to getting started right away with instant success on the guitar, ukulele, drum kit, and electric bass and will discuss how we as music educators can address aspects of inclusion, access, and diversity in the music classroom.


         8:00 – Registration and Continental Breakfast

         8:30 – Welcome and Opening Remarks 

                        Jeffrey Ward, Director

                        School of Music Theatre, and Dance

                        Kansas State University

         8:45 – Bryan Powell, Session 1

       10:00 – Break

       10:15 – Every Second Counts: Procedures, Engagement, and Student Lead Learning from Day One

This session will model strategies to help you establish a positive learning environment that allows you to make the most of every minute of your class time  starting with the very first minute. Students need consistency to feel safe and be willing to try new things. Knowing exactly what to expect when entering    your classroom will help every day get off to the right start. 

Katherine Todd, Maize (USD 266)

10:45 – Bryan Powell, Session 2

12:00 – Lunch

         1:30 – Bryan Powell, Session 3

         2:45 – Break

         3:00 – An Experience with World Music Pedagogy

Dr. Ruth Gurgel

Kansas State University

 6:30 – Social Gathering TBD