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Music Program

Conference Schedule

Thursday, April 5th

2:00 PM - Concert: Chamber Music 
Alm, Dance for the Melancholy
Chave, Entrada
Froebe, The Silver Raven
Macura, Chaconne
McIntosh, For I Have Come to Know Your Soul
Melbinger, Saxophone Quartet
Ouper, Danza Sueno
Wood, Fugue in A-flat Major
4:00 PM - Concert: KSU Faculty Brass Quintet 

Bachicha, Three Sculptural Impressions
Benoit, Indecision
Gottschalk, Reformation Celebration
Hedwig, A Certain Slant of Light
Heinick, Turns of Phrase 

7:30 PM - Concert: Orchestral, Choral, and Chamber Music

Findley, In the Mind of Energy
Osterfield, Calm Waters
Parks, Messe de Perdus
Stolz, Lincoln Highway Suite
Stölzel, The Gorgeous Nothings

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Friday, April 6th

10:00 AM - Concert: Electroacoustic Music

Kramer, Frozen in that Fatal Climb
Phillips, Fake News
Powers, Hipster Hunter
Smith, Ictus
Thiede, And Everything In-between
Vaughn, The Curved Line

12:00-12:45 PM - Paper Session

Greg Simon, "Tell Me a Story: Teaching Music Composition Through Narrative Design"

2:00-2:20 PM - SCI Region VI Meeting

A brief business/informative meeting.

2:30 PM - Concert: Chamber & Electroacoustic Music 
Baldwin, Beyond the Moon and All the Stars
Choi, Train of Thoughts
Karaca, Echo Caves
Sternfeld-Dunn, REM
Wang, Enemy of the Masses
Wytko, Ricochet
4:30 PM - Concert: Konza Winds (Woodwind Quintet)

Bilotta, Brain Freeze
Burel, Quintet for Woodwinds
Dal Porto, Exotic Animals Suite
Denham, Maxwell
Steinke, Wind River Country

7:30 PM - Concert: Chamber Music 

Davies (David), A Minimally Conscious State
Bennett Holmes, Duet for Violin and Cello
Koykkar, Inside Out
Mason, All Four One
Nawrot, Trio
Simon, Lighthouse Fanfares 
Wilson, Lick Twenty-7 Blue

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Saturday, April 7th

9:30 AM - Concert: Chamber Music 
Clay, Caprice
Davies (Ken), Landscapes
Mencher, Bluish Orange
Mitchell, Endless Forms Most Beautiful
Morel, Ich habe geschwiegen
Murray, Genevieve’s Cats
11:00 AM - Concert: Chamber Music

Crowley, Archipelago
Lee (HyeKyung), A-ri-A-rang
McAninch, Seven
McCarter, Sketches from Nature
Morris, Collision Etudes

1:30 PM - Concert: KSU Percussion Ensembles 
Alford, Froschteichmusik
Craig, Indescribable
Entelisano, Clockwork Mechanics
Hanna, Quyannanana
Kinra, Sul’ha Valaza
Stanton, Venture
Yee, Triple Point
4:00 PM - Concert: Slawomir Dobrzanski, piano

Davis, Nocturne
Metz, Hermetitos
Osterfield, Etude
Reeder, November 12, 2014
Wakim, “Isolation” from Three Sketches on Redemption
Wishart, Remembrance and Toccata 

5:00-5:45 PM - Paper Session

Thomas Yee, "Sounds of Now: Seven Reasons Why New Music Matters"

7:30 PM - Concert: NewEar Ensemble 

Schimmel, Roadshow for Otto
Srinivasan, Dviraag
Thomas, Capricci (A Hummingbird Romance)
Weston, Glimmer
Wilcken, Between Time and Space
Zanter, Earth endures; Stars Abide

ca. 9:30 PM - Informal Gathering

Following the final concert, conference attendees are invited to gather for a social hour at Tallgrass Taphouse, 320 Poyntz Ave.  

Please note that the Taphouse is not within reasonable walking distance from the conference.  There will be a cash bar, and food orders can be taken until 10:00 PM.

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