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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

About Us

The Kansas State University Symphony Orchestra is a vibrant community of musicians representing many major fields of study including music performance, music education, engineering, architecture, computer programming, business, foreign language, and many more.  All musicians are welcome! 

Under the direction of Dr. Rachel Dirks, the orchestra performs exciting and engaging concerts in McCain Auditorium featuring a wide array of literature from contemporary works to classical favorites. For more information about our current season or to view past programs, visit our Concert Schedule page. We look forward to sharing music with you!

KSUSO Leadership Team


Dr. Rachel Dirks - Director/Conductor

Evan Ricker - Graduate Assistant Director/Conductor


Brayden Smith - Bass

Rachel Woodbury - Bassoon


Caleb Niehoff - Trumpet

Bridget O'Neill - Violin


Mikaela Lange - Cello

Kaitlyn Jones - Violin


Blake Modean - Viola

Katie Kimmel - Horn