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K-State Early Music Ensembles

The Early Music Ensembles are comprised of music majors, minors, non-majors, and community members who enjoy and want to learn more about music from the 18th century and before. This includes music of the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical music periods. 

To learn more about invovlement in the Early Music Ensemble or auditions (where necessary), contact Mr. David Simmons Wood.


Collegium Musicum Early Music Ensemble

Tu/Th 2:30-3:20pm, McCain 204
MUSIC490A/841A, 0-1 Credit, No audition required

K-State's longest standing early music ensemble, Collegium Musicum, was started by Dr. Robert Edwards, Professor Emeritus of Keyboard, in 1975. Collegium Musicum is a vocal and instrumental ensemble devoted to the historically-informed performance of music written primarily during the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods (c. 1100-1750.) Instruments of the historical period used when possible. 

singers stand on stage with a screen projecting song translations above them

Madrigal & Motet Ensemble

Fall 2022 meeting time TBD
MUSIC490B/841B, 0-1 Credit, Audition required (students only)

Madrigal & Motet Ensemble (MaMo) was established in Spring 2020 and is an auditioned chamber ensemble specializing in one-on-a-part performance of early vocal repertoire. 

singers performing in front of a large altar

Recorder Consort 

Fall 2022 meeting time TBD
MUSIC490B/841B, 0-1 Credit, Instructor permission required (no audition).

The Recorder Consort was established in Fall 2016 and plays music from all eras with a variety of recorder types and sizes from the K-State period instrument collection. Beginners and advanced players are welcome. Beginning in 2018, the Consort has also played host to the annual K-State Recorder Workshop. 

four individuals holding recorders

Period Instrument Collection

K-State is fortunate to possess a variety of replica period instruments representing the Medieval through Baroque periods. These instruments are available to K-State students and are also used in performances by the Early Music Ensembles. To learn about accessing period instruments, please contact Mr. David Simmons Wood.

Current collection includes:
  • Baroque and Renaissance Recorders (garklein, sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, and great bass)
  • Baroque Flutes
  • Baroque Violins
  • Baroque Cello
  • Cornetti and Cornettino
  • Crumhorns (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass)
  • Harpsichord
  • Positive Organ
  • Rebec (tenor)
  • Renaissance Guitar
  • Vielle
  • Violas da Gamba (treble, alto, tenor, and bass)


2014-present: Mr. David Simmons Wood
2009-2014: Mr. Thomas Bell
1998-2009: Dr. Bruce Gbur
1976-1998: Dr. Sara Funkhouser
1975-1976: Dr. Robert Edwards