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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Kansas State University
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What is IDEall?

IDEall stands for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity for All. This committee, formed in 2020, is open to all faculty and staff of the Kansas State University School of Music, Theatre and Dance.


IDEall week February 15-19, 2021

IDEall week

The first ever IDEall week was a great success, with performances from special guest artists along with faculty, alumni and students representing the entire School of Music, Theatre and Dance.  Details about IDEall Week 2021



The IDEall Committee

Membership is by self-selection, with an open call for members of the School faculty and staff at the beginning of each academic year. The committee has an open door policy with all members welcome to contribute for as long as they are able. Leadership rotates among members, with each meeting facilitated by a different committee member. Ad hoc subcommittees or task forces may be created based on perceived needs among the MTD community. Representation from all three areas is encouraged. This committee will also provide consistent representation to the College of Arts and Sciences Diversity Committee.

The goals of the IDEall committee are:

  • Improve the MTD climate.
  • Advance the recruitment and retention of underrepresented students.
  • Advance the recruitment and retention of underrepresented faculty and staff.
  • Promote education opportunities centered on social equity.
  • Communicate information pertinent to diversity opportunities, benefits and needs.

Current subcommittees are:

  • Recruitment & retention of IDEall faculty, staff and students (David Mackay, chair)
    • Collect data on current MTD faculty, staff and student demographics.
    • Look at historical data on search candidate pools, finalists, and hires
    • Examine how to attract diverse candidate pools for faculty, staff and students.
    • Take direction from progress and information already available through the College of Arts and Sciences DEI subcommittee as well as other departments with demonstrated success in this area.
  • Student-centric  community (Cheryl Richt, chair and mentor)
    • Encouraging students to take ownership in helping to shape a more inclusive and supportive environment for the School.
    • Creating a safe environment for students to have open and honest discussions.
    • Providing mentorship opportunities for students.
  • IDEall Programing (Ruth Gurgel and Julie Yu, co-chairs)
    • Endorse and promote MTD and University events that support the goals of the IDEall committee.Collaboration (for resources as well as the greater good)
      • within MTD
      • with other Kansas State University departments
      • with other universities (such as through encouraging applications for Big XII grants)
  • Goals for scheduling events
    • The IDEall committee will submit at least one proposal for A&S Diversity Lecture Series each semester.
    • The committee will sponsor a convocation event each semester.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to bring comments, proposals for opportunities and concerns about IDEall issues to committee members.