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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance


Tap to Togetherness: Engaging and Enhancing Family Relationships Through Community-Based Tap Dance

Discovering Undergraduate Research Opportunities: Your Passion, Your Community, Your Significance


Tap To Togetherness: An Innovative Family Relationship Program Reaches Ghana, Africa



Tap(ping) To Togetherness: Family engagement reinforced through tap dance in Kuwait City, Kuwait



Global dance education connecting communities in Accra, Ghana and Kuwait Citty, Kuwait: tap(ing) to togetherness through a community collaborative program



Tap To Togetherness: A Program for Parents and Children Together



Tap Tap Tap Your Toe (book)

Tap Tap Tap Your Shoes Image


Tap Tap Tap Like A Rhinoceros (book)

Tap Like A Rhino image

For more information about these books please contact Julie L. Pentz at taptotogetherness@gmail.com

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