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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

K-State Tap Dance Ensemble

Welcome to the K-State Tap Dance Ensemble homepage. Our ensemble is committed to sharing tap dance with all communities. We do this by offering live performances, lecture demonstrations, and our Tap To Togetherness Across Populations program.  

The K-State Tap Dance Ensemble has been in existence since 2007. The ensemble can be seen at local Manhattan Retirement Communities, local and surrounding public schools, The Sunset Zoo SpookTacular,  Main Stage Productions, and charitable walks such as Relay for Life, Walk for ALS, and Walk for Fragile X. A highlight of the Ensemble was the McCain Series Savion Glover Pre-Talk show and performance.

This Ensemble has a strong partnership with Parents as Teachers Program across the state of Kansas and nationally, local and regional senior living communities, and home school networks, through it’s Tap To Togetherness Across Populations programing and literacy initiative.  This program has been supported by Kansas K-Link grant funding and has published 2 children books, Tap Tap Tap Your Toe and Tap Tap Tap Like a Rhinoceros.  

Please join with us in celebrating Tap Dance by contacting us today to support your programing.  

Tappingly Yours,
Julie L. Pentz,  Professor of Dance and Managing

Artistic Director of the K-State Tap Dance Ensemble

Founder and Director of Tap To Togetherness Across Populations

Message from the Director

The K-State Tap Dance Ensemble is an all inclusive group of tap dancers that performs original tap dance choreography in a variety of venues in the local community, regionally, nationally, and internationally. This Ensemble owns a dance floor and will travel!  This ensemble is unique in that it has an active research program, Tap To Togetherness Across Populations.  For information please contact Professor Julie L. Pentz at jpentz@ksu.edu.