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School of Music, Theatre, and Dance


K-State Dance offers a variety of performance opportunities for students.

Dance Ensemble

The Dance Ensemble performs each semester on faculty concerts for WinterDance and SpringDance. Dancers in this ensemble have the opportunity to dance in a variety of styles including contemporary ballet, modern dance, jazz dance, tap dance, musical theatre, and world dance forms such as West African social dance. The Dance Ensemble also travels off campus to a variety of performance venues and festivals.

Tap Dance Ensemble

The K-State Tap Dance Ensemble is an elite group that performs original tap dance choreography all over the campus and community in a variety of venues. The Tap Ensemble owns a dance floor and will travel!

Contemporary Dance Ensemble

The K-State Contemporary Dance Ensemble performs original Contemporary and Modern Dance works across campus and throughout the region. If interested in joining CDE or booking a performance, please contact Kate Digby (kdigby@ksu.edu).