Voice auditions

Students must first audition for the voice faculty for acceptance if they are

  • interested in pursuing a major in voice,
  • studying voice as a music minor or non-major, or
  • to be able to have private voice lessons.

Submit an Application Recording

  • All applicants must ‚Äčsubmit an application recording.
  • Only completed audition applications will be considered.
  • To apply for a Bachelor of Music in Music Theatre, please submit a musical theatre recording.
  • Once you apply to study voice at K-State, your application is graded by all of our voice area faculty members.
  • We decide
    1. whether to accept you into a private voice studio and
    2. whether to accept you into your preferred degree program.
  • Please note that only a few students will be invited to perform a live audition for the faculty as we consider potential scholarships.
  • Conversely, some students will not be invited to the live scholarship auditions, and students who do not pass the screening will not be able to take private lessons for the upcoming academic year.


You will be able to identify your results by USPS mail within several weeks. Some students applying to be Music Majors will be recommended to be Music Minors. Some students will not be able to study private lessons at K-State.


Some students will be invited to perform a live scholarship audition at Kansas State University during the Fall or the Spring. These auditions are by invitation only. If you are invited to the scholarship audition, we will ask your preference of given dates to schedule your audition time. There will only be one available audition day in the Fall and one in the Spring.

Choir Auditions

Music majors and minors are required to perform in one of the Kansas State University Choirs. Auditions for the Kansas State University Choirs will be held the first week of school in the fall.